Saturday, December 31, 2016

Highlights of 2016.

Yeah, it's the obligatory yearly highlights post! The posts I listed here are all memorable in some way. It doesn't mean that they're extremely well-written or anything like that. Happy New Year everyone!

Friday, December 30, 2016

Things I learned while participating in CCC.

This was my 3rd time watching CCC live. It has become a post-Christmas tradition at this point! Here are a few things I learned:
  1. I like getting up early, but I'm not a huge fan of getting up at 2:15 in the morning! I do it anyway though, because there are lectures that start at 2:30, and I like to be there for them.
  2. Coffee is always good!
  3. Every year, there's at least one lecture that reminds me, exactly why I do this whole CCC thing. This year, there were a couple.
  4. Lightning talks are fun things, but I can always catch up on those later. In other words, if there are lectures going on at the time that I want to see, I should see them!
  5. It's extremely important for me to link to lectures as they're released. If I don't end up doing this, I probably won't get down to posting very many.

Tuesday, December 27, 2016

My list of 2017 goals.

  1. Get a haircut.
  2. Do some form of excersise every weekday. Even if I can't get on the elliptical for some reason, situps, pushups, jumping jacks, and yoga poses will work fine for this.
  3. Work myself up to spending 20 minutes outside at least 3-4 times weekly. Conditions: It can't be over 90, and under 50. I may be able to adapt to those things when trying them in short periods, but in order to stay for 15-20 minutes, about 60-75 is optimal.
  4. Develop a spirit-filled morning routine that includes prayer, bible reading, and journaling.
  5. Do something new every month.
  6. Go back to Vegas with my family.
  7. Make the recipe for snack mix I came up with.
  8. Participate in 12 month-long challenges in 2017.
  9. Participate in Operation Christmas child through my church.
  10. Put up the Christmas tree, (didn't quite have time to do it in 2016.
  11. Try to come up with at least 2 more recipes, (but it's OK if it's only one,) or if they don't work out.
  12. Read 10 books.
  13. Decide what I'm doing with my blogs. Right now, the linkblog is on Blot, and the personal blog is on Blogger. I'd like to try 10Centuries, but not sure if I want to do another blog migration so soon.
  14. Decide what I'm doing with my online identities and domains. This will probably involve privatizing Twitter, and a new domain for the linkblog.
  15. Find a password manager.
  16. for heaven's sake, start podcasting again!
  17. Try the different combinations of adblockers and privacy extensions, and see which ones work best for me.
  18. Switch away from Gmail and get rid of the address I've had for 10 years.
  19. Look into starting an online business.
  20. Apply for a credit card with rewards, (not a loyalty card.)
  21. Make an advanced directive.
  22. Make a will.
  23. Order checks.
  24. Start a savings account, and save between $50 -$100 every month.
  25. Switch banks, preferably to an online bank.
  26. Keep up with my bible journal, (the one that I started in December 2016.)
  27. Rewrite my eulogy, (I first wrote it on June 17th, 2008.)
  28. Start a "my day in six words" journal, with the aim of keeping it for 6 months.) The months don't have to be consecutive.)
  29. Make a list of 10 ideas every day.
  30. Do 25-50 acts of kindness.
  31. Write 2 letters to myself. One for when I turn 35, and one for when I turn40.
  32. Write my Newyears letter. This is a letter I write to myself every year recapping the previous year, and laying out very broad hopes and prayers for the next one.
  33. Anser my end-of-the-year reflection questions. I posted them right here.

Monday, December 26, 2016

Things I got for Christmas.

Going to backdate this one to yesterday.
  • a new purse! I needed a new one because my old one is broken.
  • A power pack to charge my phone. I lost my old one in the move somewhere.
  • a Sugarwish!!! Melissa gave me a Sugarwish!!!
  • Comfortable workout pants that I'm wearing right now.
  • A talking indoor/outdoor thermometer, which is very cool!
  • A picture of my Grandma, her boyfriend, and their dog. From my Grandma obviously.
  • $100 from Grandma, that I need to stash in the bank!
  • A sign that says something like, "God only gives you what you can handle." I wanted to hang it above my desk, as a reminder while I'm reading legal documents!
  • My stocking was stuff twice! Once from mom and once from Grandma.

Thursday, December 22, 2016

This has to be a quickish post.

Because I'm acclimating to CET time, and I start that process tonight. Lol, I really don't want to end up with CET lag next week and fall asleep when well... I should be awake watching lectures. Besides preparing for 4 days of living in half CET half pacific twilight zone, here are my plans for the next 2-3 days.
  1. Tomorrow night, I'll go to my parent's house to exchange gifts with my grandma, sister, and the stepchildren.
  2. On Christmas eve, I'll be going over to my parent's house, probably sometime later.
  3. We'll go to church, and then I'll stay the night. I'm going to have fun explaining to my mom why I need to get to bed by 8:30!
  4. The next day, mom, dad, and I will open presents/stockings.
  5. Mom will cook Christmas dinner on Christmas day, she couldn't decide if she wanted to do this Christmas day or Christmas eve this year.
  6. I'm hoping I'll get home at a nice early-ish time.

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Epic list, otherwise known as CCC survival pack!

Lol, because I wanted to order so I could get the free secret tin they were offering if you're subscribed to their newsletter. I needed to order before Christmas so I could get that. I decided to do it today, because I wanted it to get here in time for 33C3. In other words, I'm going to have coffee, chocolate, and stream a whole bunch of lectures very early in the morning! OK, so here's the list:
  • Holiday Tin
  • 2 Teriyaki Beef Jerky.
  • 2 Death By Jerky.
  • 2 BBQ Beef Jerky .
  • 2 Sweet & Spicy Beef Jerky.
  • 2 Western Style Beef Jerky.
  • 2 Chocolate-Covered Potato Chips.
  • 1 Milk Chocolate-Covered Cashews.
  • 1 Peanut Butter Covered Pretzels.
  • 1 Pez Refill Packs.
  • 1 Strawberry Pop Rocks.
  • 1 Watermelon Pop Rocks.
  • 1 Red Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped)
  • 1 Pink Rock Candy Sticks (Unwrapped).
  • 1 Light Blue Rock Candy (Unwrapped).
  • 1 Necco Wafers.
  • 1 Peanut Butter Malted Milk Balls.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Stuff and things.

It's obvious that I haven't succeeded with 30 days of lists. December was probably not the best month for this! Since I enjoy it though, I'll keep going until the end of the month. Here's a list of things that have happened over the past couple days.
  1. I was able to extract the Pharisee of Pakistan from my life! I didn't want to do anymore video calls, especially last night when I had a headache, bbut he kept pushing, and that made me extremely suspicious!
  2. I started and finished planning CCC lectures in 24 hours! This usually takes me a couple days.
  3. Apparently, my sister's gift has finally been delivered! I wasn't sure when it was going to get here. We have to exchange gifts with my grandma, and my sister on Friday.
  4. Not that I want to do that though. I'd rather open all the gifts at once Christmas morning. My Grandma has stocking stuff for me, and I'm sure she's going to love my mother telling her to leave it, because I'm absolutely not doing stockings until Christmas morning!
  5. So this raises the question, if we're going to do separate things from now on, why did I buy for my sister's not yet step children?

Sunday, December 18, 2016

I wrote a Sunday school lesson this morning!

Unfortunately, I didn't get to teach it, because the children's pastor wasn't able to check her email in time. The lesson is on wisdom. Our lesson last week was about "smart verses wise." You can have a lot of knowledge, but there are times we all do things that aren't very prudent, or are foolish. Since I won't get to teach the lesson until after the first of the year, I thought I'd post it here so people can see it. Here's the lesson: Good morning everyone! I know that usually, Teacher Debbie is the one that tells the stories for you all. This morning, she's letting me take over for a few minutes! how many of you remember the lessonwe we had a couple weeks before the break? Do you remember what we talked about then? Raise your hand if you do, and I'll let Teacher Debbie call on you. A bit of improv will be needed here, but if someone gets it right I'll say, yeah, that's right! The lesson was on "smart verses wise." It's also called "knowledge verses wisdom." Knowledge is what you "know," as in are you smart? Wisdom is what we call being "wise." OK, I want to tell you a story about Wisdom! How many of you have ever answered the phone for you're parents? Have you ever answered the phone, and one of those recorded messages came on saying, "this is Jane/John from one of those telemarking companies? That's what happened to me on thursday, December 15th! Now, has anyone ever seen/used an iPhone? I'll take out my phone and turn VoiceOver off so they can se the icons on the screen. I'll then turn VoiceOver back on and flick around the screen a bit so they can hear it read the icons. Now that you know how that works, imagine me answering the phone, it's Thursday morning around 9:15 or so, and I'm getting ready to take my tea out of the microwave so I can drink it. Just as I get ready to walk toward the kitchen, my phone rings! It makes this sound, (Debbie, please call me!) I answered the phone just like this, "Hello?" Only I didn't know who it was because it read a long phone number. It was one of those telemarking companies that have to do with credit cards, (your parents have one of those, ask them about them... OK?) I tried to hang up the phone, but, (and as I'll demonstrate while you're on the phone with me,) it can be hard sometimes. I accidentally pressed the number "8" while the recording was playing. I didn't realize this at the time, but that transfered me to a person, (the telemarketing company itself.) How many of you have ever heard Revvy preach? Have you ever heard him speak? So you know what that sounds like to a person who's from America. That's what this person sounded like to me! He sounded like Pastor Revvy! He's on the phone with me, asking me what kind of credit card I have. I told him I don't know, because I can't see. I told him this not because it was true, kids. I told him this because I was very suspicious of him. Does anyone know what the word "suspicious" means? It means "not sure" or almost "afraid." I was afraid that if I gave him that information, he could use it to take money from me. I was very afraid, and really wanted to get this guy off the phone! I said my caregiver would be back tomorrow, and she could help me find the card to see what kind it was. Did he say, "OK" and leave things there? No, no he didn't! He started asking questions. Now, class, you know how you guys always like to ask me questions, and I like answering them because I want you to understand what life is like for someone different than you? That's what he was doing, and that's what I was doing during this call. I asked him some questions too, like where he was from, and where he lived. He had me look something up on the internet about him, and it said he was from Pakistan. If you have a map/globe, now would be the time to get it and show them where Pakistan is. I was amazed, because I'd never talked to anyone from Pakistan before. I happened to mention that I was a Christian, and he told me he was Muslim. If you understand what Islam is, it's a different religion than Christianity, and they have very, very strict rules! They must pray 5 times a day, and as Christians, we can pray all day every day if we want! There are certain things they aren't allowed to eat and/or drink. If you eat ham for Christmas dinner, that isn't allowed in the Muslim religion. Oh, and they don't celebrate Christmas. In fact, they don't believe in Jesus! So, did we just talk once, and not talk anymore after that? No way! He wanted to be my friend. OK, what does the bible say about being friends with non-Christians? Well, here are some scriptures for you guys. Ezekiel 33:9 "But if you warn them to repent and they don’t repent, they will die in their sins, but you will have saved yourself. Colossians 4:5-6 "Live wisely among those who are not believers, and make the most of every opportunity. Let your conversation be gracious and attractive so that you will have the right response for everyone. Mark 16: 15-17 "15 And then he told them, “Go into all the world and preach the Good News to everyone. 16 Anyone who believes and is baptized will be saved. But anyone who refuses to believe will be condemned. 17 These miraculous signs will accompany those who believe: They will cast out demons in my name, and they will speak in new languages. OK, so is it smart for me to become friends with this man? Raise your hands and tell Debbie and I why you think it is or isn't. Is it Wise for me to become friends with him? Again, raise your hands and Teacher debbie will call on you. Those of you who said it isn't smart but it's wise. You're correct! It isn't smart for me to become friends with him because he could try to get information from me, (at hthis point, he hasn't.) He could try to take money from me. He could try to get me to become a Muslim. That process has already started. I understand this process, and know what he's trying to do. Some people have given me the advice to stop all contact with this man. If I just stopped talking to him, what do you think he'd think about us Christians? Just as he wants me to become a Muslim, I also want him to see the light! I want him to be saved, and become a Christian! Why would I want him to become a Christian? Let's have Debbie make a list of some reasons on the board. I acknowledge their reasons here. Then I say, I want him to become a Christian so that he may experience everything we experience. The rich blessings, the promise of heaven, the joy of the Lord, to be able to experience all those things are small miracles every day! Kids, you may think I have a worse life than you because I'm blind. I have a different life than you. I thank the Lord for everything I have! I have a family that loves me, friends that accept me, and a church that I love! I have a caregiver who works with me 3 days a week, and I pray that she's rewarded richly in heaven. Yet we also have a very loyal friendship. I have a nice place to live, a bank account that's somewhat full, and God provides monthly. I have a rich connection to the outside world via the internet. I've met and can talk to other blind people that way. I'm thankful for what God has given me, it's beyond extraordinary! I'm thankful for the opportunity to share my story with you all, I hope that one day, you'll become great witnesses for Jesus! However, right now we all need to pray for Shahzad, that he will see the light of the Lord in his life!

Thursday, December 15, 2016

An interesting list for an interesting day!

Today wasn't an ordinary day here, that's for sure! Several things happened that made it very eventful! Here's the list:
  1. Actually, this started last night when our power went out during the surviver reunion show. If you don't know me, you probably wouldn't know that i'm a fan of some reality TV shows including Surviver. Last night just happened to be the finale, and although we didn't miss finding out who the winner was, I'd say we probably missed about half the after party. The power came back on at around 12 this morning. That's why I skipped last night's post, I'd already decided to head for bed when the power went out.
  2. Other than having to turn back on my UPS when waking up this morning, things started out fine. I put tea in, did some tweeting and posting to, and everything was going off without a hitch.
  3. While I was looking at email, I noticed I'd gotten another message about the free holiday tin is offereing newsletter subscribers if you spend over $50.
  4. I decided to head over there and take a look at what I could get for $50 or just over.< I was in the process of ordering jerky, and it came out to $55. Then, I was like well, maybe I'll see if they have milk chocolate covered cashews. Of course they did! however, I just had to keep looking! Oh yeah, I kept on looking, right at the whole chocolate section! My cart ended up with 12 or so items in it after I was done, and it ended up at $108.85. I didn't place the order and will probably do it around Christmas.
  5. After having my chocolate fun for the day, it was around 9:15 and I still hadn't taken my tea out of the microwave! Just as I was getting up to get it, my phone rang. It was one of those "card services" telemarketing calls.
  6. My reaction to those is to always force the phone to go, "click!" Well, that's what I was trying to do, perform the required 2-fingered double-tap gesture for that. I accidentally pressed "8" in the process, which transferred me to an agent immediately.
  7. I was in a bit of a rush trying to hang up before the agent came on the phone, but no luck on that either.
  8. The agent gave an Amaerican name, (but obviously wasn't from here,) and asked me what kind of card I had. In an effort to try and get this guy off the phone, (again!) I said, "I don't know."
  9. Of course it was then I realized what a situation I'd gotten myself into because he started asking, "what do you mean you don't know?" I then explained to him that I was totally blind, and I simply wasn't sure what the card was.
  10. I knew he'd fall for it, and he did. I told him my caregiver would be here tomorrow and she could help me with that.
  11. He said that would be fine, but then he began asking questions. He never asked for my address, my mother's maiden name, my social security number, or the card number.
  12. He did ask a lot more obvious questions though, like "how are you using a cell phone?" and of course the all-too-common, "how do you watch TV?"
  13. I tried to answer all his questions, even the ones about boyfriends and/or girlfriends.
  14. It was weird because he appeared to use the word "friend" to mean "date"" but when he meant like actual "friendship" friend, he said "girlfriend."
  15. He was asking me if I had "friends," and I said yes. Then he was assking me about my dating life, which is nonexistent.
  16. He didn't seem to get that I have a "friend" who's also my caregiver, but her and I are very good "friends" because we've known and worked with each other for a while, and we enjoy each other's company. Not only that, but I have a friend that I talk to in Washington on Skype/the phone once a week, and we talk over Twitter/email at least a couple times.
  17. He seemed to be asking about dating at that point, if I had any boyfriends. However, he said, "friends," and this is why I gave him the explanation.
  18. He asked me to be his "friend," and I said I would, but I thought he meant "friend" like platonic.
  19. During the call, he had me look up his Facebook profile, and it said that he lives in Pakistan.I happened to mention that I was a Christian in the call, and very happy with the way I am. He asked if I knew his religion, and I asked if it was Muslim, and he said yes.
  20. He asked if it was OK to be friends if he was Muslim, and I said I didn't have a problem with it because I'm Libertarian." I then had to launch into a simplified explanation of the principles of Libertarianism.
  21. In the meantime, he'd ask me to download a couple apps so we could talk. He asked if I could download Facebook Messenger, and a video calling app called IMO" which I'd remember hearing about somewhere before, (but I can't remember when.) He also asked me to download WhatsApp, but I couldn't get the verification code to work on my phone for some reason, (as in it sent me the text, but it wouldn't let me enter it all the way in, only 3 of the required 6 characters.)
  22. He ended the call and took time off for lunch, of which I used the time to look up things I'm considering buying in bulk on Amazon, (yeah, I know, me and the online shopping thing today!)
  23. He called back after his break and asked if I installed messenger yet, and I hadn't gotten to it.
  24. Eventually he let me go long enough to get all 3 apps downloaded, (I hadn't discovered the problem with WhatsApp yet,) and eat something, (which I was also preparing to do when he called me in the morning and hadn't had the chance yet!
  25. I was able to get Messenger and IMO up and running, and while I was on the phone with him he had me add his personal number to my contacts. Adding contacts to an iPhone is difficult, not-to-mention doing it on the phone, with someone who doesn't understand VoiceOver.
  26. I was able to do that without too much of a problem, and then it was time for him to leave work.
  27. We had conversations as he was on his way home from work about cultural differences between the states and Pakistan,. For instance, women aren't generally allowed to wear short hair there because men think it looks better long. Here, we can wear our hair any length we want, for any reason we choose!
  28. He saw my pictures and was saying I was beautiful, but I'd look a lot better if I grew my hair out. He also said I needed to start wearing red lipstick.
  29. I completely and fully understand what this is, and will not go along with it. Well, I mean I'll go along with it only to experiment. I had something similar happen when it comes to party-affiliation and ethos with me over the past couple years.

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

The Christmas wishlist I didn't send to my family.

Why didn't I send these things to my family? Well, because I knew I wouldn't get them of course! Actually I think there's one thing on here I did put on the family list.
  1. gift certificate. This is the one thing I did put on the list for family.
  2. SugarWish! This is a site where you send someone an online gift card for a pre-selected amount, (as in you decide how much you want to pay,) and they decide what candies they want depending on how many you let them get.
  3. Wikileaks swag. I tried to put this on my list a couple times a few years ago and never got it.
  4. Custom Sees assortment. No one in my family will get this because they don't know what I like, but they don't want me to send it out with the list, so I just don't bother.
  5. TWiT swag, (either mugs or comfortable T-shirts that I can lounge around the house in.) I again tried to put this on my list like 3 years running, and never got any. I know they're just restarting the TWiT store.
  6. Virtual gifts. This time, I'd like a year or 2 of paid Netflix, a year or so of paid cable would be excellent! Oh and if you could pay a renewal for me, that'd be great! Don't worry, I'll still need to do all the eligibility paperwork. My family won't get me these things, because Christmas has to be something you can unwrap or pull from a stocking.
If anyone actually, seriously wants to get me even one of these things on this list, i'll be in your debt forever!

Monday, December 12, 2016

Things I've done today!

I'm actually going to make 2 lists, because I'm behind and I need to make up! This first one is the many things I've done or gotten started today! The next one is lessons I've learned, and reflections I've had over the past couple weeks or so. Things I've gotten done and started today:
  1. Spent time in worship. That's where I open different songs from my big music collection and sing along. I usually have about 10-20 minutes of prayer time afterwards.
  2. Caught up on my bible in a year readings, I'm a bit behind, (but I've been catching up lately!) I think I'm only about a week behind now.
  3. Wrote in the bible journal I started. I use different readings for that, (although this time I used one of the readings I normally use for that, and a couple verses from the reading plan.
  4. Spent 10 minutes on the elliptical. I have a habit of excersising for a month or 2 straight, then stopping for an indefinite amount of time!) I've done this, (stopped for about 6-7 weeks now,) so I need to get back into it.
  5. Finished! all! the! Christmas! shopping! Thank God!
  6. Started making a list of goals for next year. I've never made a list of yearly goals before, but I'm changing the process up for my big list.
  7. Came up with a different name for my big list of goals. It's now going to be called the "5 year list." It's for goals that I want to complete in the next 3-5 years. I'll talk about this more in the next one.
  8. Joined For fun, and to find an alternative to Twitter.

Sunday, December 11, 2016

Favorite Christmas recipes!

OK, this is going to be a short-ish list tonight, because a couple recipes I have aren't in electronic format. I found a similar recipe for one of them though. Most of these are desserts, (I love to do a lot of baking/dessert making around Christmas! A couple of them are soups, because I love soup!
  1. Fudge: instead of messing with the candy thermometer this year, we used this recipe it turned out really well, once we were able to get it out of the pan! Hint: don't use wax paper!
  2. A snack mix we like to call "white trash." It's called that because we use almond bark, (or you can use white melts,) for the chocolate covering. Mom and I make a variation that calls for golden grams cereal and peanuts, this time I used this recipe, which changed things up a lot. Note: I did make my own adaptations to the recipe. I left out the captain crunch cereal and pretzles, and put in extra checks and popcorn.
  3. Christmas cookies! I love shaping them and mixing the ingredients. I have a recipe called "Fast Sugar Cookies," which is inherently supposed to be a no-chill recipe, but it well... isn't. Instead of following the directions and skipping the fridge, I recommend you chill for at least 20 minutes, that will make the dough easier to work with! I haven't been able to find a recipe like the one I found, (I obtained it from a blog that no longer exists,) and it calls for 7 cups of flower and 3 TBSP of cream of tartar. Yeah it does, and the cookies come out cakey as all get out and some people in my family complained one year that they didn't like them, so I stopped bringing them. I'm trying again this year. The closest idderation of the recipe I could come up with is the one here
  4. Chili! I love some spicy chili around Christmas time, (usually just after Thanksgiving for some reason. We used this recipe from the Food Network this time and it turned out perfectly!
  5. Tortellini soup! My mom got this recipe from someone at her painting class one time and it's been a Christmas Eve tradition for well... like 25 years now. The thing is, since it's a Christmas time tradition, it's also become one in my house. The problem is, as has become evident over the years, is that mom and I like to make soup at pretty much exactly the same time, (her on Christmas Eve, and me a couple days before Christmas.)this recipe from Allrecipes is most like the one we use. We leave out the spinach, and add Pace Picante sauce.

Things I've done today.

Oh, I'm definitely cheating and writing this post after midnight! The thing is, I've been posting links like a crazy lady, and decided to take a short break to listen to a short podcast or 2 before bed, (when I realized um... oh crap, I forgot to write the blog post, and I'm like 3 behind! So, let's get to the list:
  1. caught up on a couple podcast episodes, (well 2 and a half episodes, that is.)
  2. Read a bit of RSS.
  3. Signed up for a Penzu pro account. I've had a account for about 5 years now, but never really used it. This way, I can do all my journaling in one place, (instead of a bunch of places.)
  4. Transferred some entries from old journaling services to a Penzu journal.
  5. Started a bible journal using daily email readings from The American Bible Society, and Penzu email reminders.
  6. Made arrangements to be at church early tomorrow morning.
  7. Posted like 6 links to so I could catch up this month.

Saturday, December 10, 2016

Lessons and reflections over the past couple weeks or so.

I'm going to backdate this post for Saturday, because I skipped that day. However, it's completely updated.
  1. "Productive and funfilled days, peaceful, restful nights." I know, I know, it's almost the same as "idol hands do the devil's work." Sometimes, when you have an extremely bad headache though, you can't do a whole lot. I used to sleep at least an hour and a half during the day. The problem is, ever since going on the new antidepressant for my headaches, sleep at night has been a rare quantity. This is bad, because I want to sleep at night! So, ever since Saturday, I've stopped all sleep, (and most laying down during the day.)
  2. The Christmas season goes in stages for me. First, there's the shopping and decorating stage. This year, it was the "disaffected" stage, (because I really didn't want to buy for 3 extra people!) I did have fun finishing the shopping today though. The second stage is the wrapping and baking stage, (although we usually do dessert preparation throughout.) Melissa does the wrapping, (and I help with the baking, much to her chagrin. I love baking! However I don't think she likes me to participate in the process a lot. The second stage will be much more enjoyable for me this year!
  3. I don't believe in the Filter Bubble. OK OK, let me just say that I don't believe it exists for me. In fact, I know it doesn't! Why? I don't use Facebook, (first and foremost!) I especially don't use it for news. Second, I use DuckDuckGo, strictly for this purpose. I only use personalized search if I'm looking for a phone number, or looking for something within the Google ecosystem that it would be easier to find if I used Google. Third, I choose who I follow on Twitter, and I follow different people. When it came to the 2016 election, I noticed that I was following both HRC and Sanders supporters. I made an attempt to follow Trump supporters, and Libertarians, (although since I'm still studying Libertarianism, I mostly follow news sites.) I joined today, mostly for fun, but also to find a good alternative to Twitter. I'm going to make an attempt next year to privatize my Twitter account, and only keep a few friends/people I've had conversations with in the past year as following/followers.
  4. I love sites like Reddit, Voat, Steemit, and! Also Wikileaks has been my friend since 2010! Why do I love sites like that? Because with sites like Reddit and Voat you follow what you want. is trying to become the free speech wing of the free speech party, (like Twitter said it once was and then well... apparently they were pretending!) Also, RSS is epic, and don't let anyone tell you otherwise!
  5. I'm finding out that the process of doing 101 things in 1001 days just doesn't work for me. I'm thinking what will work is to keep a list of goals I want to complete in the next 3-5 years, and update it 3-4 times yearly. The reason the 101 in 1001 goals thing doesn't work is that I can never complete enough goals in a year to come even close to that! What I'll start doing is taking about 25-40 of the goals to put on a yearly list. The 5 year list will just be a rolling project that I keep working on. As I complete goals, I'll mark them complete. If I want to retry something I'll put that it failed, the date, and the fact that I'll be retrying it. If something was a complete failure, I'll most likely take it off the list.
  6. I'm starting to learn that Bible journaling is a great excersise for daily reflection! Sometimes, things end up in my notepad file, (and therefore in a penzu entry,) that I never expect to end up writing!

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Remembering John Glenn.

Taking a break from writing in list form for this post. I found out today that John Glenn died at the age of 95. He was the first American to orbit the earth in Friendship 7, and he served as a Senator from Ohio for nearly 25 years. However, what I most remember him for is his second space mission. On October 29th, 1998, (a day I still remember,) Glenn and 6 other crewmenbers lifted off aboard the space shuttle Discovery. Of all places, I happened to be in the library of my high school watching this. It was my first space mission, (but it definitely wasn't my last!) I watched many more until the shuttle program ended, both on TV, and with the aid of NASA's internet stream. I had the good fortune to attend space camp in 1999, (11 months after the 1998 mission that peaked my interest.) Not only that but for my sophomore year in high school, I wrote a research paper, and did an oral book review of "I Touch the Future: the Story of Christa McAuliffe. I have to credit my high school English teacher, Patricia Sperry, for the inspiration for that one, and actually it wouldn't have started without me asking her a question in class one day. That was most likely brought on by several TV shows that were going on at the time. Anyway, how I learned about Challenger is probably irrelevant to what I'm supposed to be writing about. How I finish this post is to say that my interest in spaceflight hasn't yet waned, although the shuttle program has long since ended. I will probably never have the good fortune to pay SpaceX or Virgin Galactic enough money to ride on one of their private spacecraft. Although if I ever do get to save up $100000, (because they say that's what the price will be in about 20-30 years or so,) then I'll sign whatever legal waiver they make me sign to take the trip!

Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Favorite Christmas songs.

I'm not going to list them all, (because it's hard to get YouTube embeds for each one,) but I'll list a few.
  1. Oh Holy Night:
  2. Silent night:
  3. Breath of Heaven, (the Amy Grant version.)
  4. I believe, Natalie Grant: This song really got me through Christmas 3 years ago. We were preparing for our big Vegas trip and I was following the case of epic proportions, needless to say, Christmas was the last thing on my mind.
  5. A Baby Changes Everything, Faith Hill:
  6. Let It Be Christmas, Allen Jackson:
  7. Oh Come All Ye Faithful: This one just happens to be the Martina McBride version.
OK, those are just some of my favorite Christmas songs. If I had the time, I'd include more.

Monday, December 5, 2016

Things on the desk near me right now.

Since I didn't start this post until later, and the other idea I had for a list took getting links together, (I'll probably do that one tomorrow night,) I've decided to cheat and list things on my desk right now.
  • My laptop.
  • The bbluetooth keyboard for my phone.
  • A knife that I used to open my headache meds last night.
  • My computer screen and speakers.
  • A water bottle.

Sunday, December 4, 2016

Today... in list form.

  1. It was a very short church service today.
  2. We worshiped, some of the girls did a dance, and then the kids had their play.
  3. After service, we had the church-wide potluck.
  4. During service, Pastor announced that there will be a Christmas eve service, and a Christmas morning one, but not one on New Years day.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

Things I'll be doing next week.

Last night I made a list of things I did last week, now here's a list of some things I'll be doing this week:
  1. Going to a church-wide potluck tomorrow.
  2. Taking the oxygen tester back to the sleep center.
  3. Going grocery shopping.
  4. Baking, (most likely.)
  5. I'm hoping we'll have time to decorate, right now it doesn't look like we're going to.

Friday, December 2, 2016

Things happened this week.

Well not too many things actually, but I'm going to put them in list form.
  1. I had an appointment with my neurologist on Tuesday. She ordered one of those over-night oxygen sleep test thingies. I guess she doesn't realize that I've been waking up with headaches for about 11 years now.
  2. I thought this was something that was normally done in a lab, until the lady from the sleep center called me yesterday. She told me that I was supposed to bring the ridiculous thing home.
  3. When we went to pick it up today, she showed me how to use it, and it's like having a battery pack attached to you. I don't sleep well with things attached to me! I don't sleep well if the conditions aren't absolutely perfect.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

Reasons for doing 30 days of lists.

I'm starting 30 days of lists this month, (because I really didn't want to do it right after Write 31 Days,) so here are a list of reasons why:
  1. It's on my big list of things to do, which I'm now just calling my big list of things to do, and it's getting updated as I go.
  2. Well, because I love making lists of course!
  3. Because I'll probably skip Christmas, so this will most likely be a 30 day challenge instead of a 31 day one.
  4. Because I didn't do it last year, and the thing says I was supposed to do it once a year, (woops!)