Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Today and yesterday.

My friend got here from Medford yesterday. We went to lunch at Red Robin after they came and picked me up, (Melissa had to go get her at the Greyhound station.) After lunch, we came back here and pretty much talked all night, (until around 10:00.) I let her go through my questions file, and she got to 900 something! We ordered pizza around 6, but it didn't get here until around 7, which was weird because they told me 25-35 minutes of course. We both decided to get up at 7, so we could have plenty of time to not rush things while getting ready. I set my alarm for 7, so I'd be able to perform wake-up duty. What actually happened, is that she didn't get up until around 8:45, but that was fine because it didn't take neither of us long to get ready. Mom was here at 10:25 to pick us up to go to the bus station, which was 5 minutes early. I was in the process of grabbing my stuff, and she was in the process of grabbing luggage when mom called to tell me she was here. We got to the bus station early, which was fine, but it turned out there didn't need to be any baggage claims or anything like that. We ended up waiting in the car for like 40 minutes. Then mom was like, "oh... the bus is here." I was like hmm, maybe she should pay a bit more attention. Then I told her to ask if that was the right bus, because at that point she still didn't know, even though she asked the driver if checking luggage was needed and he said no. She finally determined that wasn't the right bus, and found the correct one, (it was the one coming in behind it.) Mom made sure everything went well, and then got back in the car to drive me home.

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