Sunday, November 13, 2016

Thoughts on Facebook and the election.

I posted this NYT article to my linkblog, so I thought I'd expand on it here. People have been saying that they think Facebook/Twitter/social media influenced the election, and that's why Donald Trump won. What they're actually saying is they're afraid fake news influenced the election, (especially on Facebook,) and I suppose that could happen if you believe literally every single thing you read, but I have a feeling it didn't. Well, in my case, I chose to vote third party after the candidate I was supporting dropped out 6 months ago. That didn't have anything to do with what I read on Facebook or Twitter. I suppose I'm one of those rare people that actually watch primary debates, policy speeches, and research where candidates stand on certain issues. When Twitter/Facebook was all well... atwitter about Donald Trump attacking Ted Cruz's father for having something to do with Lee Harvy Oswald, I knew it wasn't the case. The primary season took place while Hillary Clinton was under FbI investigation, and you knew that even if you didn't read Facebook or Twitter. I suppose my point is you're going to vote for who you're going to vote for, no matter what. Even if you decide to go for Trump at the last minute because he's worse than Hillary. Also liberals accuse Facebook of being partisan, but conservatives have accused them for censoring their trending topics section in the past, so which is it? Honestly I prefer Twitter over Facebook, but that's just me. I think MarkZuckerberg was right when he said that "the idea that Facebook influenced the election is "crazy." Just as one final case-in-point, we don't have open primaries here. I had to re-register so that I could vote for the candidate I was supporting at the time. Unfortunately, they dropped out a couple weeks before our primary, but not long enough for them to be taken off the ballot. So guess what? I still got to vote for them!

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