Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Simple Blogging day 5.

Oh look, I can actually write in sequence, and not skip the post! Lol maybe I should keep this up for the rest of the challenge. Sometimes, I wonder what's going on in the apartment across the way, people go in and out this late at night, it's around 10:15 pacific time here as I write this, and they're loud when they do it. Anyway, enough of me rambling on about random things! Today's topic is:
You shouldn't just care about what Google thinks.
I had that originally written as "you shouldn't care about what Google thinks," but I rephrased that. There are other search engines on the internet besides Google, you know. Not only that, but Google can give random penalties to random people. Back in 2014, it was revealed that Metafilter got hit with one in 2012, and no one knew exactly what it was. this post from SearchEngineLand explains it in some detail. Back in 2013, I got sent a takedown notice from about a link that I posted back in 2009. I wrote about it in this post. Basically, they were saying that since I don't use "dofollow" Google thinks I'm a spammer and they were penalizing them for me having the link up. I never took it down, it's still there. I think Google is parasitic. It gets people to rely on them for search and ad revenues, and then hits them with penalties when things aren't just perfect! I understand they have to account for spammers and malware, but don't penalize sites unless they're actually doing something wrong. This is why I don't use Google for search, and I don't use Google ads. This is also why I don't pay attention to my pagerank at all. I really don't care about what Google thinks about me, (as far as pagerank is concerned.) Don't get me wrong, I do use Google services, (Blogger is owned by them and I understand they could take me down at any second!) Yeah, I should really back up my content.

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