Friday, October 14, 2016

Simple Blogging: day 12.

Yeah, I promise I'll get semi-caught up with this thing in the next 2-3 days. I've been sick over the past week, and the last thing you want to do when you're sick is write posts! I'm going to write this one, then another one about the events over the past couple days, (because things have happened here,) and I should be able to write days 13 and 14 tomorrow. OK so let's get to the topic.
Consider starting a second blog.
For me, that's my badly neglected linkblog, (I'm going to try to fix that when I'm not busy with a whole bunch of other things!) For you, it could be a photoblog, or whatever else you feel like you're going to update on a semi-regular basis. I usually update my linkblog more than this here blog, when I'm not participating in challenges, that is. I update the linkblog 2-3 times a day, (excluding Sundays,) and I usually try to blog here 3-4 times a week. I really enjoy keeping the linkblog, because it allows me to take time to gather links. In other words, it lets me look at things I probably wouldn't normally look at just to see if I think it's in the least bit interesting. Of course if the article I'm reading is extremely long, I may or may not post it. I also get to use Reddit, Siftlinks, and of course Twitter extensively to gather the links. I place them in a SaveForLater folder and decide which ones to post as I go. In the end, I think a linkblog is a good way to keep up on things, but I think having more than one blog is fun. Of course I wouldn't recommend starting 5 at the same time, (lol!)

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