Sunday, October 2, 2016

31 Days of Simple blogging: day 2.

Ok, I'm going to try and be fast! I have exactly 19 minutes to get this done and if this falls a few minutes short, I'll be cheating on this one and back-dating it... OK? Lol I only do that if they fall short by a few minutes.
You don't have to have a niche/topic.
OK, we just skipped straight to 26 in the list, (obviously I'm doing these out of order)! Now I know this is contrary to well... practically all the blogging advice you read out there. If you just look at this search on ProBlogger, there are so many posts dedicated to the idea of niches. Whether it's helping you pick one, helping you use the right keywords, etc. Whatever it is, I didn't have time to go through all the posts there. this post from 2015 gives reasons why you should keep a personal blog along with a niche blog, (note: this was found while searching, I don't recognize the blog, never been there before.) This ProBlogger post from 2010 explains why you should start a personal blog, but apparently only keep one until you find a niche. As someone who was about to get into the extremely saturated blogs about blogging niche, (I was going to kick off my new blog with this challenge,) then had second thoughts because well... obviously the niche is saturated! oh yeah, and as someone who runs a linkblog that isn't topic-oriented, I definitely disagree with the advice that you absolutely need to find a niche! Here's where I insert a bit of a disclaimer: of course, you might just absolutely love your niche, that's great! I'm not saying niche blogging is bad, just that you don't absolutely have to do it. Oh and if you're aiming to make a decent living from your blog, (something that's getting extremely hard these days,) then you might want to blog in a niche or 2 or 3 or 4 or however many blogs you think you can possibly run without stressing yourself out. End long disclaimer here! So I'm pretty much as well-rounded in my reading as I am with writing, I'll tell ya what, I have all my RSS feeds in a text file since adding them by hand is actually easier than importing them sometimes, as it doesn't preserve any folder structure that I have to deal with anyway... I'll just put them in this Dropbox public folder I have sitting right here, and give everyone a link so you can see everything I read. here's a really long list of feeds!

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