Thursday, June 23, 2016

Quick thoughts on Brexit.

Normally I take this time on Thursdays to make a list, but since I really couldn't think of anything interesting to list, and since Brexit seemed to be on everyone's mind, I decided I'd write a quick post about it. Right now, the results are leave: 17,228,077 remain: 16,000,701, with one region yet to declare. In the end, I think the referendum is a good thing, because I'm not a fan of globalization. In other words, countries should exit the EU if they don't want to follow the EU laws, or they want their sovereignty. If you think the UK should be able to make it's own laws, and not have to pay to be in the EU then you probably would vote for "leave." If you think, (and literally this was the other side's argument,) that there should be peace and love, then you would vote to "remain." Lol, and this is my over-simplified explanation of Brexit.

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