Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thoughts on the events of today.

Ya know, the Trump winning, Cruz dropping out events. Yeah, let's just say I wasn't very happy, because I was the one who wanted to see a contested convention! OK OK, why would I want to see a contested convention? Well, in case you weren't reading my blog in 2012, you don't know that I usually watch both parties conventions every year. There's something about the process that I just find enjoyable. I've never seen a contested convention, (I believe the last time the republicans had one was in 1976, 7 years before I was born!) It's up for debate as to whether the 1976 convention was actually contested, (because Gerald Ford didn't have nearly enough deligates before going in,) but managed to gain them after the first vote at the convention. By today's standards, I'd call that contested. Back then, it was more common for deligates to have to cast multiple ballots. The reason why I'd call that "contested" by today's standards, is because everyone always makes sure that the candidate who's going to be the nominee has enough deligates before the convention. If for some reason they don't, there's a rule change to make absolutely sure they do! That's where Trump and Cruz come in. We've had to draw this thing all the way out to today to actually say that a contested convention won't happen. It isn't that I'm a trump supporter, (no way!) However, we were all waiting, and as we were waiting, Trump was picking up more deligates! OK OK, that makes it sound like I'm not a fan of letting the primary process happen. As someone who has not yet voted, I can't say that at all! I'm just not a fan of Trump supporters! That brings this whole thing back to me, and the fact that I haven't yet voted. In January, I went to our local courthouse to update my voter registration so I could in fact participate in our primary, (we don't have open primaries here, and you have to register for the party you're voting for.) I was and have always been a Cruz supporter, even though he took a position I didn't like in the Apple case, and has also said Snowden is a trader, (which was contrary to his position back in 2013.) I just can't vote for Trump, Clinton, or Sanders, so yeah. Having updated my registration for pretty much nothing now, I most likely will not be participating in the upcoming primary, since it isn't an open one, and I can't pick a third-party candidate. I will however participate in the general election though, there's no question about that.

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