Sunday, May 29, 2016


Over the past 3 days, I've been following the Libertarian convention. I have to say it's actually been a lot of fun! Although I've had to get up early, and I'll have to get up at 5 again tomorrow for the last day of the convention. They're calling the meeting to order at 8:30 EDT tomorrow, so that's 5:30 PDT, so yeah that's a bit early for me. Unfortunately, I did miss some of the presidential balloting while I was in church today. I know who was nominated because I saw him give a speech. However, had I not been stuck in church waiting for over 30 minutes, and had I been able to get home a bit more quickly, I probably would've seen the posting of the results. I decided that since I wasn't going to do any 2-party conventioning this year, that I'd follow the Libertarian convention. If you love political debate, resolutions, etc, this is the one to follow. They debate and vote on everything, which can take an inordinate amount of time, but it's fun to watch! They've had their share of technical difficulties with the stream though, (at one point I'm not even sure they new they were streaming,) so there were some things I missed that weren't picked up by CSPAN. CSPAN only televised the VP and presidential debates, and some of today's session.

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Blog tweaks I have yet to do.

Lol, this was one of those "I'm not sure what to list," lists! I still have quite a bit of blog tweaking left to do, so I'm going to list those.
  1. Finish the domain forwards, I got 2 out of 3 done, but I'm having trouble with, apparently it's because of the CNAME records, but yeah it refuses to forward.
  2. Install disqus, I thought I had it installed at one point, on one of the blogs, guess not.
  3. Bring back the pages. I have some of the files, but I'll need to rewrite some, (mostly the Linkday ones.) I have all the surveys, but besides going into my server before I cancel it and downloading them, I'll have to rewrite the FAQ etc.
  4. Adding widgets, I'm using Feedpress but don't have a subscribe widget for that installed yet, I don't have the tag widget thingy etc.
  5. Trying to figure out how to use different display names on different blogs without using a second account. I'd like to use my first name here, and my Twitter handle on
  6. Disabling and removing other widgets.

Monday, May 23, 2016

I finally got my laptop back!

Well, I actually got it back on Wednesday. Although I didn't set it up until Friday. When I set it up, I immediately noticed that Upon replacing the motherboard and fixing the problem, Dell broke my function first setting. Since I run Windows 10, (I've been doing this last summer,) I wondered if they gave me a newer motherboard, (one that was using secure boot, also commonly called UEFI.) I needed to figure this out because if it was using UEFI, it needed to be disabled so Melissa could set function first in legacy BIOS, (which loads outside the OS, and apparently sits on the motherboard.) I looked for a way to determine this before trying to access the boot options menu, and even though there appeared to be one way, I didn't have the text file it told me to open. Melissa was able to find the boot options menu, go into settings, (which fortunately for me happened to be running legacy instead of UEFI!) Once she was there she was able to set it from media first to function first.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Thursday Lister: things from the past week or so.

Well let's see:
  1. I got my laptop back yesterday. I wasn't able to get the package open. I really didn't want to apply too much force to the package because Dell is notorious for not using a lot of protection inside their packages. Not only that, but I'm not sure which parts were replaced, and if they replaced the hard drive, I'd need help setting things up for the first time, (again.) That being said, I've gotten 2 emails from Dell in the past 24 hours. HP was never this impatient.
  2. When I was at church on Sunday, I accidentally told the children's pastor I'd be there "next Sunday." It's actually the Sunday after this one, because the person who picks me up has to greet this Sunday.
  3. I ended up migrating the Linkday blog over to Blogger today. I was able to create a Feedpress feed, but had trouble pointing the domain, (well, I didn't want to wait for DNS repropagation.)
  4. I'm hoping Google will let me create another email address without disabling it this time, because I need to create one for the Linkday newsletter. I had an email address when the domain was hosted with Bluehost, but I've decided to cancel my server instead of paying $191.
  5. I did get my chip card from Chase last week. However, when I tried to add it to my PayPal account to make a purchase today, PayPal decided that the number was invalid for some reason. I'm not sure if the card isn't working, or this is PayPal being stupid.

Sunday, May 15, 2016

Family fun Sunday.

Today was family Fun Sunday at our church. This time, the theme was Fiesta, and the food was very good! As we did last time, we had contests and games. It was a lot of fun! I didn't end up getting home until around 2:30. On a completely unrelated note, we sent my laptop off to be fixed on Friday. I called Dell Monday because it was making strange sounds, (not beeping, more like clicking/popping,) and not booting at all. Dell sent me a box with a return shipping label from FedEx. All we had to do was put the computer and power cable in, attach the label, and send it back to them.

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

This blog is now on a custom domain!

I pointed over earlier today. One thing I haven't managed to do is get domain forwarding set up for either this blog, or the linkblog. I've tried, but I'm trying to forward the domain to a subdomain of the same domain, and I'm not quite sure if you can do that with forwards. You might have to use a redirect instead, which requires a host. Unfortunately BlueHost wants to charge me $191 for the plus package, and I don't particularly want to pay that, because I have other plans this year. The other thing is, I might have to update the URL of the feed, (as in where Feedpress gets the feed from, not where Blogger redirects to.) I'm not exactly sure if I'll have to do this or not, until this post is published. On a completely unrelated note, I got to help teach Sunday school last weekend for the first time in 10 months! It was a lot of fun! I will most likely get to do this again on the 29th of this month. This coming weekend is the family fun luncheon, and the person who's volunteering to pick me up has another commitment on the fourth Sunday of each month. I could've probably done this 3 times this month had he came the first weekend, but he had some personal issues to attend to.

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Thursday Lister: May List updates.

Goals failed:
  • 22.Do blog 365 again, starting January 1st, 2016. I failed because I skipped way, way too many posts and couldn't catch up! Last month was definitely the month I failed that one.
  • 58.Do a 30 day journaling challenge each year of the 3 years. OK OK so I really tried to do this, but when you're laying in bed for 2 days straight and you don't get up to do much of anything else, you really don't think about the 30 day challenge you have to complete! I suppose 2 out of the 3 will be acceptable.
Goals completed:
  • 27.Delete both my tumblr accounts. Completed 4/14/2016.) I'm going to say it was completed on 4/14, but I can't remember the date. Lol and I just wrote 2014! The reason I'm going to say that is because I wrote a post on my linkblog on 4/6 warning all my Tumblr followers that I'd be stopping the IFTTT recipe that was posting from WP to Tumblr in 7 days. I think it was either that day, or the next one that I went to delete both accounts.
  • 28.Find an alternative to Wordpress. Completed 4/19/2016. The alternative to WP was right in front of my face the entire time, it's Blogger! At least for now, until something better comes along. It isn't that I love that Google owns Blogger, (Google has a tendency to shut down services just out of spite,) but it works for now, and I'm hoping it's going to stay that way for a while.

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Thoughts on the events of today.

Ya know, the Trump winning, Cruz dropping out events. Yeah, let's just say I wasn't very happy, because I was the one who wanted to see a contested convention! OK OK, why would I want to see a contested convention? Well, in case you weren't reading my blog in 2012, you don't know that I usually watch both parties conventions every year. There's something about the process that I just find enjoyable. I've never seen a contested convention, (I believe the last time the republicans had one was in 1976, 7 years before I was born!) It's up for debate as to whether the 1976 convention was actually contested, (because Gerald Ford didn't have nearly enough deligates before going in,) but managed to gain them after the first vote at the convention. By today's standards, I'd call that contested. Back then, it was more common for deligates to have to cast multiple ballots. The reason why I'd call that "contested" by today's standards, is because everyone always makes sure that the candidate who's going to be the nominee has enough deligates before the convention. If for some reason they don't, there's a rule change to make absolutely sure they do! That's where Trump and Cruz come in. We've had to draw this thing all the way out to today to actually say that a contested convention won't happen. It isn't that I'm a trump supporter, (no way!) However, we were all waiting, and as we were waiting, Trump was picking up more deligates! OK OK, that makes it sound like I'm not a fan of letting the primary process happen. As someone who has not yet voted, I can't say that at all! I'm just not a fan of Trump supporters! That brings this whole thing back to me, and the fact that I haven't yet voted. In January, I went to our local courthouse to update my voter registration so I could in fact participate in our primary, (we don't have open primaries here, and you have to register for the party you're voting for.) I was and have always been a Cruz supporter, even though he took a position I didn't like in the Apple case, and has also said Snowden is a trader, (which was contrary to his position back in 2013.) I just can't vote for Trump, Clinton, or Sanders, so yeah. Having updated my registration for pretty much nothing now, I most likely will not be participating in the upcoming primary, since it isn't an open one, and I can't pick a third-party candidate. I will however participate in the general election though, there's no question about that.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Yesterday was dad's birthday.

We went out to dinner yesterday to celebrate dad's birthday. I didn't have anything for him, so I had to get a card while we went shopping on Friday. The guy who was supposed to come pick me up to teach Sunday school today forgot to come. I had to ride the bus to church. While I was in church, I got a call from a number I didn't recognize. When I called back, someone from our local hospital answered. She asked if I knew anyone there and I said I wasn't sure. She said it could be anyone in the hospital. I couldn't get a hold of my parents for most of the day, so that kind of scared me. Turns out they were out of town for the day. Of course no one told me they were going out of town last night, when I was with them. They told my sister this, but not me. My dad finally called me at around 5. Mom left her phone at home, so she couldn't call or text me back. I ended up trying to call both of them to see if I could get a hold of them.