Monday, March 21, 2016

The kitty went to my parent's.

At around 3:45 this afternoon, my mom left with a cat in a carrier. My mom qquickly learned what Melissa and I knew all along, he does not like the carrier! Of course, she had to take everything else, his litter, his litter box, the mat that went under it. Food of course, treats, toys, cat trees, and paperwork. My dad had to come back and get his bigger cat tree, because it wouldn't fit in mom's car. Dad also had to take laser lights, and the basket from my coffee table that he likes rubbing on and laying in.
Mom said he's doing fine so far. The dogs want to play with him, and he seems to be OK with that until he gets tired of it, (of course.) She has him in her spare room, (with the door closed, so he couldn't get out and try to get outside if she wasn't paying attention, and the dogs started chasing him.)

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