Thursday, March 3, 2016

The events of yesterday, and the next few days.

I ended up downloading 10 amici briefs that were filed in support of Apple, (I didn't receive the last one until this afternoon somehow.) There were some I didn't download because I didn't particularly want to take more than a few days to get this done, there are actually 17 full briefs, and 3 letters to the court filed for Apple. There are 4 briefs filed for the government/FBI, which I'm also taking the time to read because I read both sides of the briefing in every case I follow.
I think I spent most of yesterday processing briefs, processing = the initial download and open, (as much as I don't love it, Adobe reader does perform well with my screen reader. After the document opens it processes, (it actually does process the document page-by-page. After that's done, I decide if I'm going to have enough time to read the document straight through nonstop, (and this depends on the length of the brief, and how much distraction I'm facing at the time.) If I am, I usually take a few minutes to do all necessary things, (gather water, and try to deal with any distractions that could come, hint: that includes my cat.) Lol as in I try to make sure the water/food dish is full, etc. After that break, I start reading, and it depends on the length of the document as to how long it takes to finish.If you're following me on Twitter, you might see me talk about OCR and/or conversion. If a document opens and my screen reader responds with "alert: empty document," I start the OCR process, (my screen reader has this built-in as of the end of 2014.)If this process fails, (and it only has once or twice so far, I submit the PDF to a service for conversion to text, and receive the results as an email a few minutes later.
If I decide for some reason I don't want to read the document right then, it gets saved and reprocessed by Adobe reader, (yeah, again.) Where I put these things depends on where the documents came from, if they came from PACER, and I decide I want to link to them, they go right into the public folder, if they came from somewhere else, they don't end up there.

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