Saturday, March 12, 2016

I might be giving my cat away.

I was talking to mom on the phone today, and she said she'd like to have a cat. I asked if she'd consider taking mine. He likes to try and get in my room at night, and lately he's been accomplishing this somehow. I don't think it's by opening the door, (because the door is shut tight both before and after, and I'd definitely hear it, I know what him trying to climb on the door sounds like!) This keeps me up at night, (if he's in the room, or if he's right next to the door trying to get in.) Not only that, but he doesn't like to let me get anything done. Whether it's reading briefs, checking email, or whatever I'm doing, he thinks he needs to be right here with me. That wasn't a huge problem until he jumped on the desk and spilt water one night while I was in the middle of writing a blog post. So he usually comes up right next to my chair, and starts meowing. If he doesn't get his way within a few minutes, he starts throwing a fit and acting like a banshee. This was happening tonight, and it was distracting me. I was listening to a live audio stream, and I couldn't concentrate on what the people were saying, because I was worried about whether the cat was going to attack my blinds, (he's done this already and some have come down,) jump up on my dining room table, or who knows what else?
As for sleep, I've tried a couple things, and they work with middling success. They work for a while, and then he develops a tolerance to them. They don't actually make him go to sleep either, they just keep him calm enough to make me be able to sleep. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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