Friday, March 11, 2016

I fixed subtweeting!

Lol well if I could actually fix subtweeting I would! I fixed my issue with it. I'm talking about my definition of subtweeting, when people tweet about a topic without the associated hashtag. I'd say that I've been missing about 50% of the tweets that didn't make it into my search because people fail to use the hashtag for some reason. This is a long-running search, so this has been going on for years now, (the search hasn't been open all this time, but off-and-on.) I fixed this problem by performing a query without the associated hashtag, (so without the # sign.) This immediately caused the search to expand! I wouldn't recommend this for something like #nevertrump for instance, but in a search where it isn't an extremely big timeline, it will definitely work! If I could've fixed this a couple years ago, I definitely would've seen everything!

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