Tuesday, March 8, 2016

I finished everything!

I finished reading 16 briefs today! Yep, that's right, 16! 12 on Apple's side of things, and 4 on the government side. I also just finished writing the list post I've been waiting to write for 5 days over on my linkblog, so yeah, and I'd do it all over again! Lol why? Because I got my thoughts captured in briefs twice, and that's never happened before! As in 2 different briefs, and they wrote exactly what I wrote/said, more than once. I'm still wondering how that happens... Not only that, but I honestly never thought I'd read that many briefs, I finished most of them today, (I think I read 6 in one session!) That's definitely a test of endurance! At one point, I said "wait! go back!" out loud and ended up scaring my cat, who was sleeping on the shelf behind my desk, so as not to distract me.

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