Thursday, March 31, 2016

I'll be going to a family reunion this summer!

OK OK, before anyone lectures me, I really don't like family reunions! It's a whole lot of sitting, visiting, and drinking, and ours usually involves sightseeing at the end, which just makes a boring weekend even more boring! However, the last time I saw my great aunt and uncle on mom's side was that day of miserable failures, 4/16/2014. If I never go to another reunion and that happens to be the last day I see both of them, (because they're both at least 40 years older than me,) well... um... yeah, so let's just say I'm going to this one. Even if it's just so I'll have better memories of them.
I even remember why I saw them a couple years ago. They were passing through here to go look at setting up things for the 2014 reunion, (that was eventually canceled. We went out to dinner that night, (on a night that I would much rather have stayed in!) I was the very last to know, mom told me when I called her to relay the events of what happened earlier that day.

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