Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Dateline has failed big time!

Oh yeah they have! I was going to watch a certain 2-hour dateline special on Sunday, (hint: it's the only dateline special that NBC aired Sunday!) However, I had one of those things we call TV scheduling conflicts. No, I don't have a DVR, and no, I can't just record things easily! However, Dateline is in 99.9999% of cases good with their streaming, so I thought I'd just stream the dateline episode later, and watch the show that's in it's final season, (in other words, never coming back!) on Sunday. However, this time, Dateline decided not to release this particular report online, and instead decided to put it in their on-demand system only. OK, 2 problems with that:
1. I don't have cable, and:
2. I can't use on-demand systems if I did have cable! I even tried to find one of those questionably-legal streaming sites, (don't blame me, blame NBC for this one!) and I did end up finding one, but it just wanted to serve me links to that particular thing, ( and play every other show.) I suppose I'll be investigating more of those later. I've never done the BitTorrent thing before, but maybe I'll look there.
Another way to do this is to borrow an account of a cable subscriber, ( a Charter subscriber, for instance,) if anyone is one and is willing to lend me their account for a while,) because Charter has it. However, because I'm internet-only, they won't let me see it. Of course I'll let you change your password and then change it back. I probably shouldn't admit why I know this works, but le'ts just say I've done it before with a friend of mine for something, when they still had cable.

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