Monday, March 28, 2016

A package is coming.

Otherwise known as, if it gives me wings, I'll take it. Lol hah, I only wish the growth hormone injections I'm taking delivery of tomorrow would give me wings! Unfortunately, this all happened when I was looking at PACER yesterday. I had to set up delivery of the package, and then take a call from the program handling the injection training.
There are reasons why I was looking at Pacer, Did I ever mention that Lavabit was going to have another appeal? Well, this time, it was about a motion to unseal, and the brief was supposed to be filed yesterday. This is why I went looking for it on PACER around the time Diplomat, (that's the pharmacy my insurance uses,) and Fisor called me. I didn't find the brief on PACER, instead I found something else. I don't want to rewrite what I just wrote in a different place, so I'll just link to my post over here, and you can go read if you want.

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