Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I just posted the longest list of legal documents I think I've ever posted! In the ppast 36 hours, I've read and processed 7 legal documents! I tweeted that I think the entire Apple case file has taken up residence in my public folder, and it most definitely has! I put them all in the public folder so that I can create links to them, for posts like these. I thought I hit my limit when in January 2014, I downloaded 5 legal documents from PACER, uploaded them to the public folder, and made a list on my linkblog. Those were fairly short, some of these are pretty long. I'm thinking it has to be close to 120 pages altogether, give or take a few, (one didn't have page numbers.) So yeah, what do I do with my spare time? Lol, I read legal documents and post lists of them, because if you really read them, they can be quite entertaining at times!

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