Saturday, February 20, 2016

Why does Trump have to win everything?

Seriously! If you say you're conservative and then you go and vote for Trump, well... you're actually coting for a liveral! You're also voting for someone who claims he's a Christian, but who says proudly that he's never repented, I'm not exactly sure how that's possible, but if Christians want another atheist in office next year then go ahead. If you want someone who doesn't even mention the constitution in his speeches, and says that Apple is doing the wrong thing by challenging a legal order for a backdoor, then vote for Trump! You'll end up having a third surveillance lover as President!
On a completely unrelated note, I managed to stream the services that took place this morning for Justice Scalia. I've seen several catholic funerals in the past, (having personally been a part of one.) Although it's very formal and inflexible, the Catholic liturgy does make for a very beautiful funeral service. I actually did this by accident, while turning on my CnN stream to start the primary coverage.

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