Thursday, February 11, 2016

Update failures.

So today I caused windows update failures. I was afraid I was going to get Windows 10 in this batch of updates that was installing, so I used GWX control panel to clear the update cache. The updates were waiting to install, (I hadn't yet completed the restart ,) even after I cleared the cache, windows update insisted I restart so I did. After I did this I went in to try and check for updates, thinking I'd be able to install them by hand, (so as not to install windows 10.) Unfortunately when I went to check for updates, it threw up an error instead. I can't check for updates, and since I cleared the updates that were waiting to install, I obviously can't see which ones failed, (yay for me!) Last time I did this 5 years ago, I needed a system recovery. That was when I restarted in the middle of installing 72 updates after a first system recovery. This wasn't 72 updates, (obviously,) but since I can't see them, I'll never know which ones failed.

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