Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Things from yesterday.

First, I got a letter from my insurance, saying that a request for a prescription was denied. My doctor wants to put me on growth hormone, (no, not my GP,) but it was denied because a prior authorization wasn't obtained. I actually thought it was denied because there's very little concrete evidence to support this whole thing, and even when she talks about it she says "it works for some people." It turns out that it was an administrative error that caused the denial. They sent it to the wrong pharmacy. Stuff like this happens when working with this office all the time! My insurance has a pharmacy that they use for these kinds of things, and apparently, they failed to investigate and find out which pharmacy to send it to, so they just sent it to the one they use. This is why the PA failed, because the pharmacy they sent it to couldn't do it for some strange reason. I called them yesterday to basically tell them that if I was going to send this through the appeals process, they would most likely need to help with the appeal, since when writing an appeal, you have to state a reason why you think it should be approved. I have no reason why I think it should be approved, so therefore it's up to them to try and come up with one.
Last night I found out that PayPal charged me twice for one of my subscriptions. I support paid services, and I have 3 sites I'm currently using. I alerted the administrator via Twitter mention right away, but it was late at night when I saw the email. I immediately filed a claim with PayPal. He must have gotten the alert right away, because my money was refunded this morning, and PayPal said they "decided the case in my favor." He told me that PayPal probably thought I had 2 active subscriptions. That was exactly what the problem was. What ended up happening was I ended up deleting my account at some point, and restarting it in August, when I started my new list of goals, (this was my DayZero plus subscription.) When I did this, I apparently forgot to cancel the remaining subscription in my PayPal account. I don't believe it tried to charge me twice 3 months ago, but if I look at my receipts I might find that it did. If I find that it did, this is partially my fault, but mostly PayPal's fault, they shouldn't let me subscribe twice with the same email address and card on file, and error should have been created in the system, and I should've been notified of an inerrant subscription.

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