Friday, February 19, 2016

It's 2/19.

I was going through my Febooary entries from last year and noticed that I didn't post "yeah I'm still here." I tweeted it, and it got uploaded to my public folder, (it's still sitting there.) However, for some reason I didn't end up posting it here. I'm not going to go through the thing of uploading to the server, (it's already in my public folder,) so I'll just give anyone who wants to listen to something from around exactly this time 3 years ago a public link, and you can listen from there. This is where the tradition of not skipping posts, (if I can avoid it,) originiated, it's also where the tradition of the extremely quick OK I don't want to skip this but I have nothing more to say, type post came from. Lol and after staying up for 24 hours last night because I had too much adrenalin from reading too many legal documents, (yeah, this can actually happen, it's happened more than once!) Honestly, I'd like to find my bed rather quickly.

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