Sunday, February 14, 2016

Happy Valentine's day, and other things.

First, I'd like to wish anyone reading a happy Valentine's day! I don't celebrate Valentine's day, but I don't celebrate single awareness day either, it's just a normal day. Since it happened to be a normal Sunday, a trip to church was in order. The person who's in charge of the bus ministry has changed the schedule a bit, and has been picking me up at 9:45. Apparently the driver this morning didn't get the memo, because he came at 9:30, (15 minutes before I actually needed to leave.) I was almost all ready, I'd just sat down to finish a reading a couple last emails, when I heard a knock at the door. The bus drivers don't usually knock on the door, (I've only had this happen like twice, once after Blogathon 2009, and once when I first moved in here last summer.) I opened the door, and had to tell him he was 15 minutes early, he promptly left and as soon as I finished doing what I was doing, I ran downstairs.

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