Tuesday, February 2, 2016

First there was yesterday, then there was last night.

I went out of town for my doctor's appointment yesterday. The trip ran ahead of schedule, and the appointment went well. all we really ended up discussing was paperwork issues, I love those appointments where doctors are like, "oh I filled out this form wrong, it should work this time, have a nice day." Then there was last night. I don't normally write too much political stuff here, but we're in an election year, and last night was epic! Lol and it isn't because they had to flip a coin 6 times on the democratic side to decide who won 6 different precints in Iowa. No, it was because Ted Cruz won and the person that everyone predicted to wind well... didn't! I have to say that in following legal cases, I've seen a lot of loss over the past 2-3 years, seeing someone win something for a change was well let's just say I still couldn't believe it this morning.

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