Monday, January 18, 2016

Updating domain registration records.

Today I got an email that looked interesting. It said "Whois confirmation for" That's one of the 4 domains I own. The email basically said that ICANN wants to make sure all my registrant information is updated once a year. Of course I moved after registering, and forgot to update my address on not only that domain, but all of my registrant information. I had to sign into my Hover account and update the addresses on 4 domains tonight, individually! Not only that, I had to do this multiple times, because there are multiple places where you enter your name and address when registering a domain. Lol, it's like working with the SsA!
When I called the SSA the first time to change my address, they didn't put it through for some reason. It took me calling them a second time, waiting on hold for an hour, and a call from my local office for my address change to be finalized! I'm still not sure if it's finalized for them sending me notices, that's what the local office has on file now, but who knows if they'll actually send notices to the right address?

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