Monday, January 25, 2016

The wasted trip.

When I schedule my out-of-town doctor's appointments, they always tell me to go have blood tests taken a week prior to the appointment. I tried to do that today, but for some strange and unknown reason, the lab order wasn't in the system here. I ended up having to call the doctor's office, and have the nurse call me back, so that the doctor could resubmit the lab order. I'll have to go back in Wednesday for the tests. I did take a quick trip to WalMart, to get a couple things, but other than that, it was pretty much a wasted trip. I always like to fast before my lab tests to make sure I drink enough water, (sometimes I find that when I'm eating, I don't drink as much as when I'm fasting,) not only that, but I had one time when my blood sugar was particularly high. I had to have an A1C test after that, and my A1C was perfectly fine. If I fast before taking lab tests, I won't have any problems with that.

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