Friday, January 15, 2016

I now have a working TV!

No, I didn't just sign up for cable. I got a digital antenna for Christmas, and I got it set up today! I had to get a remote for the TV before I could set it up, because I didn't have one. The one I was using at my old apartment was a dish remote, because I was hooked up to dish. I actually get NBc, ABC, and CBS reliably, which are the 3 local channels I watch most anyway. I get some public broadcasting channels, a couple of which appear to be pretty good, but a couple of which seem to cut in an out a lot. Those might be good if I ever want to watch Frontline again, which I have once or twice. Of course the one thing I'm missing is CSPAN, which doesn't do live streaming anymore. If I want CNN, I can just turn on the Tunein stream. I'm not a big fan of CNN's love for all things NSA, but they do make for hilarious election night coverage, which is what I'll mostly be using them for. Lol one year they got so loopy, everyone was laughing on TV while they were waiting for returns to come in, it was absolutely hilarious!

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