Monday, November 2, 2015

You should never own a cat if...

I decided to write this post because over the past month and a half of owning a cat, I've discovered that although I really do enjoy him when he's sweet, there are several things I don't enjoy. So here it goes. You should never own a cat if...

  1. You're picky about your sleeping conditions. As in, you don't want kitty jumping on and off the bed every couple minutes, and you don't want him meowing outside your door incessantly all night, and/or waking you up in the morning.

  2. You don't want your cat jumping up and knocking every! single! thing! off the desk/table. Even things you have no idea where they came from, or how he got a hold of.

  3. You don't want your cat spilling water all over your desk while you're right in the middle of writing a blog post, causing water to leak under your computer tower, causing you to have to shut the computer down to lift the tower up to clean underneath it, (thank God for WP drafts!)

  4. You don't want kitty ripping up toylet paper, (this has definitely happened at least once, and I've caught him in the act twice after that.

  5. You don't want to have to pay to have the blinds fixed, (if you live in a rental.)

  6. You don't want to have to deal with picky princes/princesses who won't drink standing water, and who want fresh water at least 3 times a day.

  7. You don't want to sift litter, (unless your cat is an outdoor cat.)

  8. You don't want to spend lots of money on said litter, toys, treats, and food.

  9. you don't want to deal with trips to the vet, which can mean fighting the cat if they don't go into the carrier willingly.

  10. You don't want to deal with training kitty not to scratch on couches, chairs, or other furnature, or not to climb on the table/counter.

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