Sunday, November 1, 2015

What I learned from answering almost 31 questions.

So as we know, Write 31 days ended yesterday. I didn't quite answer 31 questions, but I think I got to 29. This is because I only had 27 questions prepared for the series. I did have a couple people ask me questions, so I was able to use those! Obviously I learned that I should have everything prepared ahead of time, (the beginnings, at least.) I'm not sure how people manage recipes during the 31 days, because I'd think you wouldn't be able to prepare those ahead of time. My prior experience with themes is correct, it's a lot harder to stick to a theme, (at least for me!) That's why I never plan anything I'm going to write for NaBloPoMo, (at least here on this blog,) I've made some plans for posts I'm going to write on the linkblog, simply because I didn't want to skip posts like I did with BEDM. I've tried to do themes for Blogathon before, (that's a totally different event, of course,) and I ended up not being able to stick to the theme very well. I did have fun answering the questions, but by day 15 or so, I was like really? can I just be done with questions now? Perhaps I should use a broader theme, like lists, I've done 30 days of lists once, (I didn't register to pay for access though, I just did it on my own. I definitely want to do this again next year, it's on my big list of things to do in 3 years, (which really does need updating, because I skipped the updates last month!) I just need to think of a topic I can stick to. I might do what I'm doing this year for NaBloPoMo, and bring my linkblog through the challenge, in that case, I'll need to think of a theme for both blogs!

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