Thursday, November 5, 2015

Thursday lister: extra-long list of list updates!

OK Ok, so I skipped Thursday Lister posts last month because of Write 31 days, which means I skipped list updates as well. It's going to be an extra long list of updates this month!
Completed goals:

  • 39.Find and start using an RSS reader again. Completed 9/17/2015.) Feedbin was a major failure, and didn't want to work for me at all! However, RSSdose works extremely well!
  • 45.Join Hulu.
    (Completed September, 2015.) I know it was a Friday in September, I just can't remember which random day I happened to sign up for Hulu!
  • 46.Download Kindle for PC.
  • (Completed 9/1/2015.) It took some work to get my device registered, but I can now have books read to me using the accessibility plugin, (as long as I keep a Windows 7 system around.)
  • 55.Fast at least once. (Completed 9/11/2015.) Our church did 3 days of fasting from September 9th-11th, they held a prayer service on the last day. I knew I wouldn't be able to get to the prayer service, but I still participated.

  • 133.Adopt a cat. (Completed 9/18/2015!) I adopted Tigger from my local animal shelter, I had to go sit through a psych eval to do this thing, but I survived!

Goals started:

  • 1.Look into finding a new church. I got to go visit another church a couple weeks ago! I really did enjoy the service, and I'd like to go back again when they're having a regular service, ( this was their anniversary celebration.)

  • 24.Participate in the write 31 days blogging challenge, ( in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Obviously I've started this by participating in the challenge for the first time this year.

  • 28.Find an alternative to Wordpress. I'm currently watching Blot, and waiting for WP imports to be completed.

  • 30.Try at least 50 of the sites on my "sites to try"list. I think I need to change this goal to 100 sites. The list is getting ever longer! Never-the-less, I've started and I'm at 5/50.

  • 127.Read 100 books. My first book was this one, my counselor recommended it to me. Lol, I'm going to read 1984 next!

  • 129.Watch 20 documentaries.1/20


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