Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Day 20: medical cures.

If there were a medical cure for your blindness, would you take advantage of it?

The answer is no, no way! I don't have one of those conditions that's easily cured, they can't just replace my cornea, or remove a couple cataracts, and be done with it. I have the type of condition where the optic nerve, and the parts of my brain that control vision, didn't exactly develop all the way. They're still there, but they just didn't develop correctly. So perhaps a medical cure might involve some kind of stem cell therapy, (or implanting some kind of chip into my brain,) at which point I say no to both things! We all weren't created to have the same experience from birth, we all weren't created to live the exact same life. However, that's what the world wants. It's said that in the future, potential parents will be able to genetically select exactly what kind of child they want before the baby is born. They'll be able to find out if a baby has a certain gene, (a higher risk for cancer, for instance,) and either select not to have the child with that gene, or maybe further along in the process of research and development, simply not to have that gene included. All this to say that what it will result in is a world with many of the same people living mostly the same lives, (if this is ever allowed to go forward.) I hope it's far beyond my lifetime although in following the tech industry, they say that the beginnings of this will start to happen in 10-20 years. So I was supposed to answer the question, and I wrote something else entirely, (but the answer is no, because to be honest, I quite like my life as it is now.) Not only that, but I suppose I like being different from everyone else.

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