Thursday, September 24, 2015

Thursday Lister: things I like to call my cat.

My cat's name is Tigger, but I like to call him a lot of things, (lol, not bad things!) Here are a list of things I've called him over the past well, almost week that I've had him.

  1. Flick, because he flicks his tail back-and-forth, a lot!

  2. Fearless, because he actually is fearless when it comes to well... anything except sounds, (I'm discovering that he doesn't like loud sounds.) Other than that, he's pretty fearless.

  3. MR. wings, because this cat likes to pretend he can fly! Seriously, he jumps on everything, and climbs on my window blinds, (some of which are metal, and have been known to fall down.)

  4. I've actually thought about calling him "Red Bull,"Because "Red Bull gives you wings," ya know!

On a somewhat related note, we have an appointment for a vet checkup tomorrow. I got a free exam if I set it up in 10 days, so I did.

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