Sunday, September 20, 2015

It's been quite the weekend!

I brought home a cat on Friday! Yes... yes I did! We checked the mail to make sure I had the letter from the psychiatrist who evaluated me on Wednesday, and it was there! So we first headed to the property management agency to drop off the letter. It was get in, sign paperwork, and get out, no paying a deposit or anything! Then we went to WalMart for a "Kitty needs everything" shopping trip! Lol everything! Litter box, Litter, (a friend of mine told me to get clumping litter,) because it's easy to clean, the mat that catches the Litter, (because it's in my spare room,) food and water dishes, food, (we later had to take a trip to a pet store because apparently Purina is not recommended! Toys, treats, a cat carrier, (because I didn’t want kitty coming home in the cardboard carrier that they give you!) If there's anything missing on this list than I probably got it on that trip! One thing we didn't find on that trip though? WalMart was out of Litter scoopers! Melissa had to make a run to the store, because we didn't have one yet.
Since I've never done this procedure before in my life, I wasn't going to put my bare hands inside the litter, I wasn't exactly sure what I'd find. I did almost have to do this when scooping, because there was well um... some stuff not wanting to come out of there. We do have some vinyl gloves that forensisists who are allergic to latex might use in evidence collection, (Melissa just uses them for dishes.) I'm thinking I might have to use them for Litter scooping.
After we were done with the major shopping trip, it was off to our local animal shelter! I told Melissa that I didn't want to rush the process, (we didn't really have that much time left, and I was afraid that the whole thing would just be rushed.) We saw the female cats first, there was this one there that was literally named ZSAZSA, and (do you know how hard it is to type zsazsa?) She was actually really nice, except for the fact that she bit Melissa, (more than once, I think.) Lol Zsazsa actually made me think NSA for a second, so I was like hah! Some of them were biters; they were in a small room, with a lot of other cats. Then we went into an even smaller room with 2 others, Melissa said this cat's name was Tiger, and there was one named Lily. Tiger was really sweet and liked both Melissa and I right away, Lol he loved doing the rub my face next to your face thing. So I filled out the adoption paper work, and brought him home in the carrier, (we had to stop at Petco first to get him some better food.) When I went in to confirm the free trial of insurance they gave me, it said his name is "Tigger," well; he's orange and white, so I suppose that makes sense.
They gave me a free gift of insurance because I adopted from an animal shelter, if I want pet insurance after that, I have to pay a monthly bill, (I think.)
So why the title of this post? When I was at the animal shelter, and the lady was going over the counseling, (because this is my first cat and all,) she said the adjustment period could take up to 2 weeks. He spent about 24 hours in my spare bedroom when we got home, it was only last night that we decided to come out and play. Oh man this cat is 3 years old, but he acts like a kitten, he likes to pretend he has wings! Lol It wouldn't surprise me if he actually does somewhere, the way he leaps through the air! He loves to jump up on the desk, and just a second ago, he actually tried to lay in my lap in the chair, problem is the chair I have is small, (I think I'm going to need a bigger chair!)

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