Wednesday, September 16, 2015

I had a psych eval today...

Yes... yes I did! I survived, and I'm not crazy! Lol I went to see a psychiatrist to see if I could get a note for a companion animal! I should have the letter I'll need to take to my landlord by next week! I've always said there were 2 things I could never do, survive a psych eval, and be cross examined in court, (or, testify as a witness.) I think I'd make a weak witness, and whenever someone asks me really hard questions, I hesitate a lot! The questions the psychiatrist was asking me today were pretty easy though, except at the end. He actually needed legal justification, and he was asking me for it. I should have been able to give it to him fairly easily, (as much as I follow legal cases.) I was about to tell him OK, let me email you one of my long treatises! Finally, I was able to find the words to give him what he was looking for

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