Saturday, September 5, 2015

Big list of list updates, otherwise known as the late Thursday lister...

So yeah, I thought about doing this on Thursday, but I want to stick to doing list updates on the 5th of each month, and couldn't think of anything else to make a list about. That's why I skipped the lister this week! So here's the big list of list updates, (the list is right here.


  • Go to counseling. Completed 9/2/2015. I'm marking this goal complete because although I'm still seeing my counselor, (twice a month now,) I've attended 3 sessions. The completion date is when I attended my third session.

  • Get new computer speakers. Completed 8/26/2015, I love my new speakers!

  • Get a new keyboard for my phone. Completed 8/26/2015.

  • Shave my head. Completed 8/15/2015! OK, I didn't get a buzzcut, but it was about an inch long, and the hairdresser did use the clipper when she cut it, so it counts, I say!

  • Download Kindle for PC. Completed 9/1/2015. OK OK, I don't actually remember the date I completed this one, but I download it to read a book my counselor recommended so it was around that time, give or take.


  • Comment on 100 random blog posts. Started 8/27/2015, (1/100.)

  • Find and start using an RSS reader again. Started last month with Feedbin, now I just have to remember to use it...


  • Post 100 links to my linkblog in 24 hours and allow others to take the challenge if they want. Failed 8/29/2015, will try again next year.

  • Sign up for an subscription. I think I'm going to end up taking this off the list, I tried to do this, but Audible wouldn't let me download books to my computer for some reason.

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