Thursday, August 13, 2015

Thursday lister: things I'll be doing tomorrow.

Yeah OK so I didn't do one of these last week. I actually did the thing where I forgot until it was like 9 something at night, I fell asleep, then the next thing I knew it was like 12 something, and I needed to go to bed! This one's going to be quick because I also need to go to bed. I've officially come down with a cold, so I'd like to get to bed, (even though it's a bit earlier than usual.) So Here's a list of things I'll be doing tomorrow.

  1. Going to the doctor. Not that I want to go to the doctor or anything, it's one of those annoying follow-up appointments!

  2. Taking a trip to the banck! I actually do want to take a trip to the bank, because I got a check for $700 from my former property management agency, even though I definitely didn't expect to get anything back! I also need to get quarters for laundry.

  3. Going to WalMart, (again...) I think this is my third trip to WalMart in like 3 weeks...)

  4. Maybe getting a hair cut. I was supposed to call the place today, and I forgot! However, they do take walk-ins, and I'll try to call them first thing tomorrow morning!)

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