Tuesday, August 25, 2015

I had lots of fun on my trip today!

Just a quick blog post because I'm tired and want to go to bed. Melissa and I had a lot of fun on our day trip out of town. I got everything I needed, (and then some!) We ended up not having to wait at all at Red Lobster, (which never, ever happens!) I did have Melissa take some pictures, I had her take a picture of the lunch I had at Red Lobster, (before I started eating it, of course!) I also had her take a picture of the chocolate covered banana I got at the mall, OMG! I've been wanting to find out if that store makes chocolate covered banannas, and they do! All told, I think I ended up with about 14 pounds of candy, and spent about $2-300 on the trip, (including BestBuy, and the extra stop we made at Staples.) In unrelated notes, I've been having major issues with my phone. Tried to restore it tonight, and when I went to restore to a backup, I bricked the phone!


  1. Wait - you didn't have to wait at Red Lobster? Pics or it never happened! :)

  2. Well you're telling a blind person that, so that's a bit hard. My friend did take pictures of the meal, but not of our arrival. I'll get them uploaded when I figure out which is which, (because they come out of my camera named by dates and numbers etc,) and when I'm not staying up 24 hours to post links at webgurl.me Saturday.