Monday, August 10, 2015

Completing a goal on the list!

Well, it was one of those things that I thought I'd probably complete right away. Lol I had to complete "Write a letter to myself to open in 3 years, (after this challenge is over) anyway. That's what I was doing last night, no I can't show you the letter I wrote, because I used a couple of those email-to-the-future services. That was sure an interesting letter to write! I really didn't know how to write it because I've never written to myself and tried to anticipate what I'll be like in 3 years. I use every year on January 1st, to write myself a letter at the beginning of every year. I write them on January 1st, and have them sent to my email address on January 1st the next year. It's both a recap of the past year, and things I'd like to try to get around to doing in the year that follows, (I never, ever use the word "resolve," that belongs in committee meetings, conventions, or well... as a cleaning agent!)

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