Friday, July 24, 2015

Yeah... it's too much to ask!!!

When I saw my doctor on July 14th, she asked me to track my fluid intake and urine output for 3 days. Then she asked, "is that too much to ask?" Not to mention the fact that an order like this severely invades my privacy, because the collection unit has to be read and measured by someone else, there's the fact that I... well... literally am not allowed to go to the bathroom without the collector! There's also the fact that I'm not allowed to have a drink of any kind without knowing how many ounces it contains, (this is really difficult at some sit-down restaurants where they serve drinks in glasses,) not only that, but the amount I drink has to be written down as well. Besides finding out about the NSA leaks, this is probably the most surveillance I've ever personally endured. I told my mom, (as I was going to the bathroom in lows, because she refused to bring the collector with us, as I did earlier when I took a trip to the property management agency,) that I very much regretted answering "no" to the doctor's question. I even came up with a list about it.

  • When your mom refuses to take the collector with you because she doesn't want to clean it, and you have to go to the bathroom really bad, yeah... it's way way, way too much to ask!

  • When you have to wait hours for the collector to be emptied so you can use it again, only to have the amount measured and written down, yeah... it's way, way, way too much to ask!

  • When you have to ask the waitress how many ounces a drink is, (because you have to track! absolutely! everything! and she doesn't know, (because it's being served in a glass,) yeah... it's definitely too much to ask!

  • When you live your life hour by hour, because you're constantly wondering if your mom is going to come back in and empty the collector, yeah... it's definitely way, way, way too much to ask!

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