Thursday, July 23, 2015

Thursday Lister: tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

So I decided to change the name of my new, upcoming meme/project-thingy from "Thursday Things," to "Thursday Lister," because it definitely describes what it is. Remember, the object of this is well... simply to make a list! The list can have 3 items on it, or it can have 3333, there really is no limit! Of course, it would be counterintuitive just to make a list with a single item on it. I haven't decided if I'm going to use a subdomain, or get a domain for the lister yet, and I haven't started the linkup yet, (I'll be using Mister linky, because that's the easiest service to use, and it offers the most features while still being very simple!) So here I go with my list!
tips for making a 101 in 1001 list.

  1. Don't put "come up with 101 things" on your list of 101 things. Obviously you've already completed that goal before the list is ready to publish, (you've already made sure the list was organized, it wasn't missing any numbers, etc,) so it just wastes space on your list.

  2. It isn't really necessary to use catigories. I'm not saying it's particularly bad or good, I'm just saying you don't have to put extra effort into categorizing your list if you're in a hurry to get it published, (if you just finished the list the day you're planning to start it, for instance.)

  3. It isn't always necessary to start the list on January 1st. You're birthday, a holiday, an anniversary, or a perfectly random day is just as good a time to start the list as any! In fact, I'm starting my list on August 5th, which was actually... well... not a good day in 2013, that's the day that civil sanctions were handed down in the legal case I was following. I picked that day to start my list because I kept putting it off, and I didn't want to start it on my birthday, (which was August 25th,) because that was too far out for some of my goals, but the beginning of August wasn't.

  4. This is just my opinion, but I think it's fine to put extra goals on the list. For me personally, I'm going to have something like 120 goals on my list, and give myself until August 5th, 2018 to complete it. It isn't one of those "oh, I'll get to this someday" kind of lists, I still have a deadline. I have goals that I'll be looking to start in the next couple months, (I know I'll be able to complete at least 2 or 3 right away!)

  5. Maybe this is stating the obvious, but don't make the list the day you're planning to start it. For me at least, it's taken a while to come up with that many things to do, and think about whether or not they'd actually be realistic for me. If you try and make your list the day it starts, you're most likely just taking whatever you find out there and throwing it on your list. Oh, don't get me wrong, I definitely did some of that! I looked for things that I thought I wanted to try just for fun, or that I thought might be a bit of a challenge, or something I saw on someone's list that I thought hmm, that looks interesting I think I'll try that too, but I have plenty of my own things on there as well.

  6. Numbering is important, it wasn't on a 101 in 1001 list, but I saw someone's life list that had like 3 of the same number goals, and they were all blank! Try not to put blank goals on your list, (although that does lead me into my next tip.)

  7. A few private goals here and there are OK, (3-5,) but reading a list full of them is not exactly fun for the reader! If you want to make a list of private goals just for yourself, then you probably should do that, or maybe put the private ones as extras, (in addition to the 101 goals,) at the end.)

This will be my second attempt at a 101 in 1001-like challenge! Last time, I think I only completed like 40 goals on the list. This time, I'm taking the "put a whole bunch of goals on the list, and complete as many as I can!" approach.

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