Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thursday Lister: things that should make Google's next kill list!

Well some of them might already be on that list.

  1. Google plus! We know that Google will no longer be requiring you to use Google+ for Youtube, and anything else for that matter. It's time to just say that Google Plus was one of those failed experiments that Google tries quite often, and throw it in the trash!

  2. Feedburner! Simply because Google broke the APIs for Feedburner when it so brutally killed reader back in July 2013. In retrospect, the death of reader was a good thing, because it allowed people to start developing with RSS again, (a lot of RSS services exist now, probably a lot more than did back in 2013!) However, Google just needs to kill Feedburner because they aren't doing anything with it, and it's broken anyway! There are some feedburner alternatives if you look for them, and I'm sure a lot more would come around if/when Google announces the death of feedburner!

  3. Alerts!! Oh man, that's another broken service if there ever was one! First of all, the alerts can give you any number of results, (because they don't use exact matching,) so you can get thousands of results,) however, the alerts just don't come for a lot of people, (me included.)

  4. Google Voice, because they already integrated it into hangouts last year. So why keep 2 services? Why not pull a Skype and just have one service that does Video calls?

  5. Blogger! Why? Well, because we already know Google doesn't like RSs that much, if they don't like RSs that much, that means they really don't like Bloggers all that much, either.

  6. Google analytics! Because the whole flippin thing is flash now!

OK, that's all I can think of right now. I'm sure there are plenty more things Google should definitely shut down!

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