Wednesday, July 15, 2015

I uninstalled flash yesterday.

Flash is insecure, it was recently revealed that a state-sponsored hacking company was using a 0day exploit that was either unknown to Adobe, (or known but something they didn't want to fix,) for 4 years. Remote execution vulnerabilities are all too common, but that's what this was. Adobe is supposed to be fixing this one today. However, I don't find the updating process convenient at all! I've tried to allow Adobe to install automatic updates numerous times, but it just won't! Flash isn't really necessary anymore, Firefox has stopped supporting it in the latest version, and a security officer from Facebook has called for it to die. Youtube uses HTML5 now, and so does pretty much everyone else, (except a few holdouts.) I've uninstalled it from my system, and disabled the plugin in Chrome. Adobe provides instructions on how to uninstall flash. Here are Google's instructions on how to disable flash in Chrome. I haven't had too much of a problem not running flash, I did notice one site that used it today, and that site just displayed a bit of code instead of the flash. It wasn't the whole site, (just a section on the site.) This is fine to me, because I'd rather be secure, and have a few sites not work, than have to go through the inconvenience of updating flash every month or so, (and knowing that it's still possibly insecure.) Not only that, but watching Youtube actually works better for me in HTML5 than it does using flash!

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