Saturday, May 31, 2014

Split curriculum.

We started split curriculum today in Sunday school. I don’t have the document yet, because it hasn’t been emailed to me. This morning, I learned that the kid’s wanted to rush the stage holding signs during the God’s not dead worship song, I didn’t know this beforehand, because it was something that they came up with during service last week. So another teacher and I just ended up standing down close to the stage, while the kids went and stood on the top step.

Friday, May 30, 2014

Movie night, and other stuff.

Last night, we had a movie night at church. This was for our Sunday School class. We had pizza, and they showed Cars 2, (not that I ever saw the first one.)
I’ll be participating in Audiomo starting tomorrow. Audiomo is like Febooary, where you record something every day for a month and upload it somewhere. I won’t be using Audioboo this time though, for several reasons, the main one being that in the middle of Febooary, it failed to recognize my headset, and I haven’t gotten it to work since then. I’ll be using a service called Sndup and that’s built-in to the twitter client I’m going to use for recording and tweeting these posts, you can follow me on twitter at @webgurl I think what I’ll probably end up doing is posting links to the files every week or something, for those who don’t follow me on Twitter.

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Up late.

I’ve been up late to finish watching the Bryan Williams Snowden interview, and the companion hour they did online after that. Apparently, the whole thing actually lasted about 3-4 hours, so I hope eventually the whole thing gets released. Tomorrow, we’ll be going to WalMart, and going grocery shopping. For now, I think I’m about ready to head to bed.

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Baking sinnamon roles.

Tomorrow is Thursday, and my caregiver and I usually run out of ideas for things to do by then. I’ve been wanting to made sinnamon roles for a while, so we’ll be going to get the stuff first thing when she gets here tomorrow, and then we’ll actually, (technically be making bread.) I don’t have a bread machine, (I don’t have the counter space for it,) so we’ll be making them by hand.
on Sunday night, I had a problem with my Twitter client, Chicken Nugget, . For some reason, it gave me an error and told me to add my twitter account, (again.) After doing this, it wouldn’t reauthorize, (because it was being blocked by the windows firewall.) Once I figured out that it was the firewall that was the problem, (not before reinstalling the client and making IE the default browser,) I was able to get my account reauthorized. However, I now have inverted timelines that won’t fix themselves, (so recent tweets are always at the end,) and I’m not sure how to get the audio recording features to work. When I went in to look at the audio recording features, I pressed record, and there was a button for stop and one for cancel. There wasn’t anything there to indicate whether it was recording, or anything to play the file I just recorded, (when I did find those via a trick we call cursor routing, they were all unavailable.)

Saturday, May 17, 2014

My call box is working!

Well, at least I think it’s working, (anyway.) Someone rang it, and then hung up tonight, so at least I know the thing still rings. I’m hoping that they actually rang my number, instead of ringing someone else’s, (because that’s been the problem in the past,) my call box is mixed up with one of my neighbor’s. I’m hoping I won’t have to go down and meet my caregiver anymore!
I didn’t sleep well last night, it was one of those situations where I had a headache yesterday, so I ended up sleeping a lot, so I didn’t get to sleep until a couple hours before my alarm went off. Yeah, I’ve started setting an alarm, even on Saturdays, because I really don’t want to get up at 9 or 10 anymore, it really does waste the day! It’s strange, because ever since turning 30, I’ve found getting up early to be a hard thing for some reason, whereas I used to get up early without a problem!

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

A list of things.

  1. 1. Our test went really well on Sunday. We had a lot of fun, including some audio level checking hilarity! There was a microphone on the table, and the main teacher asked one of his kids to go over to the board and check the levels, he kept turning them all the way up, then all the way down. I happened to be sitting right next to him laughing and yelling, “step away from the mixer!”

  2. 2. Mom came to pick me up at church, then we went out of town, to go shopping, and to eat at OliveGarden.

  3. 3. We went grocery shopping today.

  4. 4. I managed to turn my AC, and apply enough pressure for the hose to come out of the plastic slider, (that’s in the window,) I got the hose back in, but the thing won’t turn on now!

  5. 4. Audioboo wants to change it’s name to Audioboom, I’m not too happy with this decision, (and the reasons given for it, (they say because “boo” is negative,) they have a lot of celebrities on the service, and they’re changing they’re UK stock exchange symbol. I guess I understand the UK stock exchange symbol thing, but couldn’t they use a variation of their name, instead of the whole last word?)

  6. 5. Both and renew tomorrow!

Friday, May 9, 2014

I had a doctor's appointment yesterday.

This one wasn’t with my primary care physician, but with my specialist. Mom ended up filling out the second round of appellate paperwork for the bone density scan, (which has now been ordered by 2 doctors and denied twice,) while we were waiting to go into the appointment, and she finished it while we were waiting for the doctor. I didn’t really want to have a hearing the first time, because doctors don’t really make it a habit of attending these hearings, and mom thinks they’ll probably ask about diagnostic codes. She thinks I should probably have a doctor, (or someone who has a medical background at the hearing, but I told her if I understand this stuff ahead of time, I could probably do the hearing Pro Se. She probably won’t be able to get off work for the hearing, ( (my mom works at a clinic, and has worked at the hospital in the past, so she knows a bit about insurances.) I’ll definitely be laying out all the arguments and as much of the answers to questions as I can ahead of time, I would imagine the process is a bit like preparing for oral arguments in an appeals court case, with a lot less of a record to have to deal with. My specialist has had this happen once before, and they called her for a statement before the hearing. She said she’ll be writing a letter, and submitting it as part of the appeal.

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

AC shopping.

I went AC shopping today, because I needed to replace my portable air conditioner. The air hose ripped in 3 places, and the slider, (the plastic end that you put into the window,) has broken clips, (the clips that you clip the hose into are broken.) I went to HomeDepot yesterday in an attempt to get replacement parts for this, but they told me to order them from the manufacturer. The manufacturer of the air conditioner that I bought 5 years ago was Everstar, and the problem is that they didn’t have a website, (that I could find,) and the service number that was in the owner’s manual was disconnected.
I ended up going back to HomeDepot today, and spending $400 for a new AC. My caregiver’s boyfriend helped with the lifting and the assembly. It took 2 HomeDepot loaders to get it into her car. We weren’t sure if it was going to fit in the back seat of her car, but it did.

Sunday, May 4, 2014

how exactly do you pronounce the word "feral?"

While we were at dinner, mom mentioned that on their vacation, there were cats everywhere where they were staying. I happened to ask if the cats were feral. I used the pronunciation “feer-uhl,” (which is what says is correct, to ask the question. Mom decides to tell me that the word is “fair-uhl.”I know I’ve heard various people pronounce that word “feer-uhl,” so I thought I was correct, so naturally, I just had to look it up. turns out there really isn’t any consensus on how to pronounce this word, multiple dictionaries have it pronounced both ways. There isn’t even a consensus among screen readers on how to pronounce this word, JAWS says “feer-uhl,” while NVDA says “fair-uhl.” I’ll link to some pronunciations of the word, just for proof.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Celebrating my dad's birthday.

We’ll be going out to dinner to celebrate dad’s birthday tomorrow afternoon. Yeah, I said tomorrow afternoon, like around 3. Apparently, that’s what my sister wants to do, and apparently, we have to do everything on my sister’s terms now. We will be having our test tomorrow at Sunday school. I have to say, I’m a bit nervous for the test, even though I don’t have to take it, (well… um… not that I know of, unless the teacher pulls some weird surprise on me.) After the test is over, we won’t be going back to the way it was before we started the combined curriculum, (that is, have the boys and girls divided,) instead, we’ll still be combined.