Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My dad's birthday is tomorrow!

My dad’s birthday is tomorrow, so for day 13 of 30 days of lists, I thought I’d list as many things, (as I can come up with,) that I associate with the word “birthday.”

  1. 1. Cake.

  2. 2. Card.

  3. 3. Gift (or, gifts.)

  4. 4. Candles, (although less so as we get older.)

  5. 5. Going out to dinner, because in our family we have a tradition, the person celebrating picks the restaurant, and we go eat there.

  6. 6. Drama, but that’s mostly for my birthdays and no one elses in the family.

  7. 7. This song:
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L-28jAoTPFw&w=420&h=315]

  8. 8. This song:
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ztoSUhbNntQ&w=420&h=315]

  9. 9. One more song, and it’s this one:
    [youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiOcW_YR1G8&w=420&h=315]

I hope my dad has a happy birthday whatever we do!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

30 lists day 12.

Some things about my hair, just because.

  1. 1. It’s brown.

  2. 2. It’s short right now, I just had it cut this month.

  3. 3. I have a lot of cowlicks.

  4. 4. It’s thick, (OK, very thick!)

30 lists day 11.

I skipped 30 lists yesterday, so I’m going to do 2 tonight. For day 11, I’m going to list my favorite wrong number calls.

  1. 1. The ones where they say, “I got the right number, but the wrong name, those are always hilarious because they’re usually a charity calling from overseas.

  2. 2. Someone butt-dialed me on accident last week, I have no idea who it was, or how they got this number, but they butt-dialed me twice!

  3. 3. The one’s where someone calls, asks for some random person, then calls right back and asks for the same person 2-3 more times, it’s like, didn’t you understand the first or second time? that person doesn’t live here!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Events of today, (in list form, of course.)

A lot of things happened today that surprised me, so I thought I’d make a list of them.

  1. 1. First of all, plumming took place here today, not that that surprised me, but some things that were said during the plumming process did.

  2. 2. The state says my new caregiver has to manage my medications for me, but I’ve done this all my life. Anyway, what surprised me was when setting up the medications, (even though I told her I already took them today,) she said we should start with today instead of tomorrow for the morning ones. She also put the night ones beside my bed, which means I have to bring water into my bedroom, (uh… we’ll just see where that water ends up, most likely on the floor.)

  3. 3. Said during plumming by my landlord while making a mess on the floor, “I’ll just let the cleaning lady clean that up.”

  4. 4. Said during plumming by my landlord’s assistant, (and this one really did scare me!) “you surf the internet and it talks to you? That’s Awsom!” Me: “yeah, it probably drives downstairs neighbor crazy,” because sometimes when readjusting speakers for streaming or listening to music, I accidentally turn them up a bit too loud for a second. Then landlord’s assistant said, “I can hear it, (talking about my screen reader at this point,) and I don’t complain, because my son is louder than anything.” Uh… yeah, ya think? That kid runs all! the! time! I understand that he’s 3 years old and such, but wow… seriously! I never complain, because he’s 3, but that little thing he said right there made me plug in a headset and want to wear it forever, despite the fact that it gives me a horrible headache. I understand they aren’t constantly listening, but they can listen close enough to get a good picture of my internet activities, and that’s well… what the NSA is already doing, so I don’t need people upstairs and downstairs doing it just because I use a screen reader.

  5. 5. Dear Mr. “I can hear it but I don’t complain,” you guys are plumming, which means you come in and out and in and out, and I’m completely cool with that, just don’t lock the flippin door every single time, which makes me have to run to get it every! single! time! Seriously, that was really annoying!

  6. 6. Said at the end of plumming by me, “I’m officially plummed!” MR. “I can hear it but I don’t complain” found that one to be absolutely hilarious! Actually, that was just the sewer pipes, they’ll do the water pipes next week.

  7. 7. Said during my landlord during plumming earlier in the week while opening in the wall, “write this down.” My first thought was “OMG!” Then when I told him I couldn’t write, his response was, “what have you been doing all these years?”

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Words that describe ice cream.

So the prompt says, “List 10 words that describe ice cream,” but I’m not sure if I’ll get to 10.

  1. 1. Cold, (obviously, I hope so, because if it isn’t frozen, then the freezer isn’t working.)

  2. 2. Wet, (to some extent, especially after it melts.)

  3. 3. Creamy, (which is usually another obvious one, unless you’re talking about sorbet.

  4. 4. Mostly sweet, unless you’re having a different flavor that isn’t.

  5. 5. Messy, (if you eat it in a cone.)

  6. 6. Something I have in my freezer right now.

  7. 7. A very good thing.

Well, I didn’t get to 10, but that’s close enough, I also don’t think that’s what the person who wrote the prompt had in mind, (but oh well.)

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Things I wanted to be when I grew up.

Everyone always asks a kid, “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I always had an answer, so here’s my list.

  1. 1. A nurse, from like 1st-4th grade.

  2. 2. A craftor.

  3. 3. A figure skater.

  4. 4. A teacher.

  5. 5. An Olympian, it got to a point where it didn’t matter what, I wanted to be in the Olympics. I really did enjoy swimming though.

  6. 6. I wanted to be on Jeopardy, yeah, that doesn’t have anything to do with careers but OK.

  7. 7. I wanted to fly in space, (I’d still like to someday, but I’d settle for a 0G flight instead.)

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Things I did today.

  1. 1. Went to the bank.

  2. 2. Did laundry.

  3. 3.Planned recipes for like the next month.

  4. 4. Stood by as my landlord opened up the wall underneath my kitchen sink, broke the pipe, then fixed the pipe again.

Monday, April 22, 2013

5 Thoughts at this exact moment.

I have a prompt that says exactly that, so for day 6 of 30 lists, here are 5 thoughts at exactly 11:08 PM, (I really need to do these things earlier!)

  1. 1. I really need to get this done and go to bed, (and this is the reason why these things need to get done earlier.)

  2. 2. I’m not sure if I wrote about my grandma breaking my TV while she was here on 4/13, but she came last Friday with her boyfriend and he fixed it.

  3. 3. I have a new caregiver starting here tomorrow.

  4. 4.I think from now on though, she’s going to want to come on Monday’s, which will probably present a problem at Healing Rooms. When I explained that to them today, they were all begging me not to leave.

  5. 5. Of course I could just switch to Saturday healing rooms, but I still have to go to the luncheon once a month.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Things on my desk right now.

I got behind on 30 lists last night, but I’m just picking up where I left off, (since that’s what I did in the first place.)So for day 5, here’s a list of things on my desk.

  1. 1>My phone.

  2. 2. A couple dishes.

  3. 3. A water bottle.

  4. 4. A broken USB headset.

  5. 5. The other USB headset is on the floor.

  6. 6. A whole lot of stuff that I don’t really need, that covers one whole side of the desk.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Favorite kinds of tea.

So for day 4 of 30 lists, I thought I’d make a list of my favorite kinds of tea. I only drink herbal tea, (I think black tea is too bitter.)

  1. 1. Lemon Zinger, (actually, I’ll drink any of the zinger teas.)

  2. 2. Mint, actually, the kind I like is straight up peppermint.

  3. 4. Anything with the currant plant in it, (usually.) Because currant is extremely sweet, and I don’t even have to add sugar.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

A list of things I need to buy.

So for day 3 of 30 lists, I thought I’d post a list of things I need to buy, (the prompt actually said list the things you’re saving money for.)

  1. 1. Sandals for summer.

  2. 2. A shredder.

  3. 3. An external hard drive. Yeah… OK… If I would have had this on 4/1, I wouldn’t have had to fill up Dropbox and my flash drive.

  4. 4. A Carbonite subscription. Hmm, another thing that would probably have been really nice to have that day!

  5. 5. A desk mic. I have an USB headset, but I don’t like to wear it, because it gives me a headache. I end up setting up Skype to use my speakers, but the headset ends up falling off the desk a lot.

  6. 6. Computer speakers. Right now both of them are working, but I’ve had issues with them in the past, where only one speaker would work.

  7. 7. A new phone when my contract ends. My comtract ends at the end of this year, (I think.)

  8. 8. Domain renewals, which are supposed to happen next month.

  9. 9. My Audioboo plus subscription again, (I think I’m supposed to renew it monthly if I want it.).

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

30 Lists day 2.

OK, starting over with the 30 days of lists challenge again. Today I’m just going to list some things that come to mind, because it’s 10:30 at night, (and I have things to do tomorrow.)

  1. 1. Debate on CISPA, (the Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act,) took place today, and from what I’ve heard it’s supposed to be voted on tomorrow. this article from ZDNet explains what CISPA is, and probably goes into better detail than I would.

  2. 2. This month hasn’t really been a very good month here, I’m kind of just looking forward to it being over.

  3. 3. My grandma is here dog-sitting while my parent’s are on vacation.

  4. 4. My grandma did manage to do something to my TV while she was here Saturday, she thought she fixed it, but that only gave me back the channel we were watching at the time. I didn’t realize it until I went to change the channel… now I have to call my landlord to come up here and fix it for like the 3rd time in 5 months, and I just haven’t done it because well… I don’t want him to have to come and fix it again. Let’s just say I’m not a huge fan of Dish!

  5. 5. I got done with everything on my system setup checklist yesterday, (my checklist also includes de-crappifying, so it took a while.) I actually have never made it into a checklist of any kind, it’s just a whole bunch of steps I know I need to take after I reach a certain point.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

I'm back.

I didn’t exactly mean to leave in the first place, (especially after starting 30 days of lists!) I ended up having major computer issues starting that very day, (4/1.) To make a very long story fairly short, it turned out to be hard drive failure. Fortunately, I still have, (as of yesterday,) 6 months left of my 3 year extended warranty. I was also very fortunate that after about 2 and a half hours on the phone, HP decided that they’d ship me a replacement hard drive. Not only that, but my warranty was an on-sight service one, so they sent a technician too.
After a fairly quick replacement procedure, and spending 3 hours with my grandma during the recovery process, (yeah, there were conflicts over that one, but that’s another story for another day,) everything is back up and running. I did try logging into Tumblr from my phone, but they wanted me to use the app, which I’ve heard there are some accessibility issues with, I think I’ll try to set up email posting so that if/when something like this happens again, I’ll be able to post. Yeah, I do intend to bring back 30 days of lists, I thought about waiting until the beginning of next month to start again, but I think I’ll just pick right up where I left off tomorrow.

Thursday, April 4, 2013

The past week, and the weekend.

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Monday, April 1, 2013

30 Days of lists, day 1.

For my first post in the 30 days of lists challenge, I thought I’d list a few reasons why I decided to do this. Throughout the challenge, I’ll be using my list formatting, (ordered list with numbers,) instead of Tumblr’s, so if you’re reading this on the dashboard, it will look weird, because Tumblr puts numbers in lists on the dashboard, and doesn’t put them on the blog itself. OK, here it goes!

  1. 1. Because I’m a list-maker, (I think that’s fairly obvious by now!)

  2. 2. Because 30 day challenges, (or any kind of challenge in which you give yourself a period of time to do something,) tend to be fun for me, (that is unless they involve drastic changes.)

  3. 3. To see if I can.

  4. 4. Because I’m sure I’ll undoubtedly learn something along the way, and that’s actually why I experiment with most things.

  5. 5. Because I like quick take style writing, (longer than twitter, but less than the 4-5 sentences before I realize “oh, I should probably break this up into some kind of paragraphs.”

  6. 6. So that people following, (and who might like to follow),) on Tumblr can get to know me a bit more, I was on Blogger for almost 4 years before this.

Just a bit of administrivia, I’m not using any sort of official prompts. I have my own that came from my file of over 2000 questions, that I’ve collected from various places, (ya know, the ones that I usually use for blogathon.) I’ve split list prompts into their own separate file, and will probably be using those throughout the month. PS, if anyone wants to join, and make their own lists,they can! 30 days of lists is originally a scrapbooking/paper journaling challenge, but I can’t participate that way, so I need to do it this way.