Saturday, June 30, 2012

Lots to do today.

Well, I think I’ll do better at writing this post in list form, so here it goes!

  1. First of all, Phelan is doing blogathon today for Companions for heros, A charity that trains shelter dogs and gives them to military veterans.

  2. I managed to send her some qquestions from the huge and ever-growing, almost 1600 long question file that I keep for these purposes. It’s so long because I keep collecting questions, and there are probably some duplicates, but I went through it last year to make sure there weren’t any. I’ll do the same after my event this year.

  3. I’ve decided that I need a searchable web interface for this question file, that I can just dump all the questions into, and have a search box so that I can find what I’m looking for. Kind of like a wiki, but each question can’t have it’s own page. I think something like pastebin might work, but I need search features.

  4. Speaking of blogathon, this is the day I set up the FirstGiving page for mine, because tomorrow when I come back from church, I have to write up all the details in a blog post, post the link on facebook, and create a facebook event, (which will most certainly take all day!)

  5. So today I’ve been multitasking a lot, between collecting questions, watching Phelan do a fine job at blogathon, and reading RSS.

  6. I still have yet to post on the linkblog for today, and there’s still that FirstGiving page that has to be done, and probably a couple other things that I’m not remembering right now.

  7. I had dinner at my parent’s house last night. We got to talking about blogathon, and these were mom’s exact words… “do you think that will actually raise money?” I almost wanted to say, if it hadn’t raised any money in the past 5 years do you think I’d still be doing it? Seriously… what possesses my mother to say these idiotic and ridiculous things?

  8. So I’m now officially on a mission to prove my mom wrong!

Friday, June 29, 2012

The Friday list is published!

I published the first issue of my newsletter, The Friday List, this morning! I was actually going to do it last night, but I didn’t have time, (it was after 10, and I wanted to go to bed instead.)
I think I’ll probably end up publishing this on Thursday nights, because it took me a long time to write it. Of course I was working with TinyLetter’s editor before I decided to write it in notepad and paste it in, so it was extremely slow-going at first.
I’ve decided to make the archives public, so that you don’t have to be a subscriber to see them. In fact, they’re right here. So if for some reason you really want to see my first attempt at an email newsletter, well have at it!
As for subscription forms, I haven’t figured out a way to implement TinyLetter with blogger, but then again I haven’t researched it a whole lot either. I have at least two or three people who I think I’ll just send the link to individually, and see if they want to subscribe. They don’t use RSS that I know of, so maybe an email option would be good for them.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Mailchimp won't work for me.

There’s one reason why it won’t work, because it won’t even let me activate my account without solving a capcha. This happens to be a recaptcha without audio, (as in it just isn’t there,) and the audio on recaptcha has become ridiculous anyway. So I signed up for TinyLetter instead, and will be testing that. Until I figure out how to get the form into my bblog, (TinyLetter doesn’t seem to give me a widget option,) you can subscribe right here. Besides, I think Mailchimp was going to be way too much for what I need. All I need is to be able to write and have the newsletter get sent out. I don’t really need templates or anything like that. Oh yeah, TinyLetter did have an audio captcha, and it did work.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Back from the trip.

The trip went fairly well, we didn’t do as much sightseeing as I thought we would. We did draw out the trip home though, by hiking up to some waterfalls here, and stopping at others so my aunt and uncle could take pictures. Otherwise it was mostly sit and visit, which was fine. I definitely was looking forward to getting home since this morning though, but overall it was a good trip. Not a lot of drama, and what we did have mostly concerned the baby, and it didn’t rain on us while we were there.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Posting before I leave.

I’ll be leaving soon to go on the overnight trip with my family. I didn’t end up setting up Ifttt with my phone, because the account I wanted to use tweets way too much, and I’d probably come back to 40-50 emails with just those tweets. I obviously won’t be able to post tomorrow morning, so I’ll have to post when I come back. I didn’t have time to set anything up to publish while I’m gone, and I didn’t have anything to post about while I’m not here.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Plans for today.

Plans for today include packing and getting ready to leave tomorrow morning. They also possibly include setting up a test of Ifttt with twitter, email, and my phone, although I better be careful as to how far in advance I set that one up. My phone is already set up to get email from my gmail account, so all I have to do is set up Ifttt between my gmail account and Twitter. Ifttt is a site that lets you set up “if this, then that” style tasks for certain services. I could have it text me, but I don’t know that I want to keep getting text messages, because we don’t have unlimited texting on our plan. I’m not really looking forward to this overnight trip we’re taking to a local national park, as it will be mostly walking around or driving, but mostly to include a lot of sightseeing. I actually don’t mind that when we go to a big city, because there’s usually a lot of cool stuff in big cities, but this is a national park. If I could get out of it I would, but I wasn’t given a choice in the matter in the first place, so I don’t think I can. The best part will probably be seeing my aunt and uncle though, and that’s the reason I’m going.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

I didn't post before I left.

I was going to, but then decided against it for some reason. I guess I thought I’d do it shortly after I got back, but that was a mistake, because I got to watching the olympic trials and didn’t do it. The bus trip went pretty well this morning. I was afraid the driver was going to get lost and not be able to find my apartment, but he got here a couple minutes after I went downstairs to wait for him. They have 8 drivers, so it rotates every week. I think I’ll be taking my phone to church from now on, just in case. Otherwise not much went on today, as usual with Sundays.

Saturday, June 23, 2012

Stuff happened yesterday.

except not a whole lot of stuff, because I did have a headache. I did go to WalMart with my friend yesterday morning, and I think I got everything I needed for now. I didn’t end up going to the dinner with my other friend last night, because well… headache. I couldn’t really avoid going to Wal-Mart, I’ve needed to go for a couple weeks now, and my friend doesn’t really have much time, so yesterday was the only day we could do it, otherwise I’d have to wait until I got back from my overnight trip.
I did however call and arrange to get on the bus pickup schedule for church! I’ll be going to 1st service, and they’ll be coming around 8:20 to pick me up. Mom asked me why I haven’t done this in the past, and I did do it for a while in 2009, but the way it was set up I had to call every week to arrange it. I was going with friends at that time, so I’d call them on Friday night, and it would be Saturday afternoon by the time they got back to me, which meant that when I called to arrange for the bus to come get me, it was already too late.
Unfortunately I forgot to tell them I won’t be going to church on July 29th, which is the day after I’ll be taking my blogathon shift. The wife was trying to figure out with her husband who’s in charge of the bus, what time the bus would be coming while I was on the phone, and I didn’t want to interupt her. By the time she got that figured out, and I had to give her a bit of direction as to where I live, I completely forgot about the 29th! I’ll just call that week and tell them, or I might tell one of the drivers to make a note. Actually I’ll probably do both, that way it gets to them regardless.

Friday, June 22, 2012

The Friday list.

That’s what I’m thinking of calling my weekly newsletter thing, but I could of course call it something else if anyone has any suggestions! Oh… so you actually thought I was going to make a list huh? Well I’m not in the position to disappoint anyone, so here it is if you want it!

  1. My friend and I will be leaving to go to WalMart in a couple hours. I have no idea why she wants to go so early, but whatever.

  2. I didn’t mention that we had to stay an extra hour at the healing rooms on Tuesday night, because 2 people came in late. They told us to try and be faster next time, and yeah I agree we definitely need to if they come in after 8:30!

  3. Another friend and I might be going to the lady who helps run the healing room’s house for dinner tonight, but I’m not sure if we’re going yet.

  4. I was thinking about the way I’d prepare the newsletter each week, and I decided that when I thought something should be put in I’d put it in an instapaper folder, on Thursday night I’d go through the folder and look at what I have for that week’s newsletter, then all I’d have to do is put it together that night or the next day.

  5. I’m thinking of maybe starting this next week, testing MailChimp as the service I’d use to handle the list.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

I'm thinking about starting a weekly email newsletter.

I’d like to have an email subscription feature for people who don’t use RSS. I was thinking, however, that maybe using feedburner to deliver posts once a day for this blog, (and anywhere from 2-5 times a day for the linkblog,) might be too much.
So what I’m thinking about doing is starting a newsletter in which I send 2-3 posts from here, and maybe 4-5 of the links I post over there, plus talk a little about well… what I’m doing, (for instance, I’d talk about the fact that my aunt and uncle from Maine are coming here this weekend and that we’re preparing to go on an overnight trip next week.)
I do have a couple people who I think might want to read my blog, but since I don’t offer an email subscription feature, and they have no idea how to use RSS, maybe this would be a better option for them. There are disadvantages to this though, if I get lectures about what I’m posting on Facebook, surely I’d have to choose the posts carefully or risk being lectured by my family who would probably start reading!) I suppose I could share it with only the people who I think might want to read, as in send the link to them individually, as long as I can explain what it is and what I’m asking them to do.
Basically, you wouldn’t have to subscribe if you already read the blogs, (although I would love it if you did!) but this would be for people who don’t read, and don’t use RSS.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012


OK, so we know I can’t stick to the schedule, or at least I didn’t today. I didn’t get up as early as I wanted to today, then my friend came like 3 hours later. After my friend left I ended up falling asleep for a while. Then I woke up, and now I’m posting this.
I had my friend write that I didn’t want to do the shared internet thing, and we’ll be taking it down there next week. If I go down there by myself my landlord will talk my ear off, and I’d be stuck down there for like an hour or an hour and a half listening to him. Not only that, he sometimes asks me wierd questions and creeps me out just a bit, so I tend to stay away from him if I can.
I had a suspicious incident with him, in the summer of 2007. I had internet just before I left for camping, but when I came back I didn’t have internet, and there wasn’t anything I could do to fix it. I thought it was just Charter being ridiculously idiotic and stupid… like Charter internet always was, and I had to call someone from there to come and look at it. He found the problem in about 3 minutes, while I was gone, someone had unplugged my router, (which was by my TV at the time,) and plugged it back in in the wrong place to make it look like it was still plugged in. Keeping in mind that the landlord is the only one who had access to my apartment while I was gone, if anyone wanted to get in they’d have to talk to him. Mom told me not to call the police so I didn’t, and nothing was taken, so it wasn’t like they could have done anything. I learned through that that I should never tell him when I’m leaving or where I’m going. That I know of, I’ve never talked about that one publically before.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

My landlord wants to fix something that isn't really broken.

Well it isn’t broken for now anyway. Last night, while I was in the middle of eating dinner, my landlord knocked on my door to ask if I thought it would be worth it to pay $12 more on my rent for satellite internet. Of course I had to ask him 2 questions, how fast is it? Will it be shared? He said it will be 100 MBPS, (I’ve never heard of satellite being that fast!) and that it will be shared between all of us. He also said he’s switching to Dish, (which is notorious here for not working in bad weather!) for the TV, and he wants to know if he should sign up for internet too. Now I haven’t used shared internet since I moved out of my parent’s house, and I certainly have never shared internet between 90 tenants before, but that’s what we’d be doing. So this of course brought up several concerns that I didn’t have time to share with him, (he gave me a peace of paper with the question and a spot for comments, which my friend and I will be writing on tomorrow when she comes.) So, let me make a list, (I’m not immune to making lists even if it’s 7:30 AM here!)

  1. So assuming I’m remembering things correctly, shared internet gives priority to those using the most bandwidth, thus slowing everyone else down. When I’m on Skype or streaming twit live, I’m probably using more bandwidth than anyone in the building except the landlord, (he’s a gamer.) So I’m not sure how adventagious this would be for me, and anyone in the building who might use their internet for Netflix etc.

  2. There are 93 apartments in the building, let’s assume 5-10 of them are empty. If all 85-90 of us are using the internet at the same time, (not likely, but it could happen,) well that doesn’t give you very much speed. If it’s giving high priority to a few people for high bandwidth activities, then we’re going to have problems… lots and lots of them!

  3. If there are caps, we’ll go over them in an instant, no question!

  4. Who’s going to be responsible for fixing/cleaning the network when someone’s grandchild downloads a virus that spreads throughout the building?

  5. Will I get to call my landlord and yell at him when I don’t have an internet connection? Because that would be the only upside I could see with this!

  6. Will Dish be performing any sort of deep packet inspection and traffic shaping? Either so the landlord can see what we’re doing, or to stop what they might consider infringement of some kind? In other words, will I have to use 50000 proxy servers just so the landlord doesn’t break down my door after I connect to wikileaks or download something from Youtube?

  7. Peak times… that’s all I have to say! I got off cable and dialup so I could avoid peak times!

So in short, bleh… no way! Right now, I’m on a good thing with my ISP that makes my internet ultra-cheap, even though my landlord says the phone lines can’t handle 12 MBPS I’m still getting 7 for $19.99 a month, which makes my bill only $30, whereas it used to be almost $90! Let’s not fix something that isn’t broken… OK?

Monday, June 18, 2012

Posting in the morning.

So last week, I posted an article to my linkblog about writing blog posts first thing in the morning, (although it’s after 9, and I’ve been up since 4.) I actually like this idea instead of posting in the evening, for several reasons. Some of the reasons being that I’m less tired in the morning, and thus less likely to end up trying to write while half asleep. Not only that, but putting posts off until 11 at night just before I go to bed usually isn’t the best thing to do, unless I can’t sleep, then
I actually like this idea instead of posting in the evening, it’s the most fun thing to do! So, I’m going to try to start posting in the morning, instead of delaying it until the evening, when I have to do a bunch of other stuff, (that’s most commonly when I write 750 words, and make the list of things to do for the next day.)
On a completely unrelated note, I decided to try and see how many tweets this post comprises of, (as in how many sets of 140 characters?) I stopped counting after 2 because I accidentally pasted the third piece I was going to paste into the twitter client back into the blogger form.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy Father's day.

I just want to take the moment to wish anyone reading, (if there are dads reading,) a happy Father’s Day! Today was good, because it was also my sister’s birthday! So we had a Father’s Day and birthday dinner at my parent’s house tonight, complete with birthday cake! There were actually 2 cakes, because my sister’s boyfriend got one too.

Saturday, June 16, 2012

Today and tomorrow.

I had to go share my testimony again this morning. Unfortunately I only managed to review it like 3 times this week. I felt like I was going to draw a blank any second, even though Kim was asking me questions. I thought it was a bit lackluster, but Kim said I did fine. Tomorrow I’ll be going to church with her, she’s on worship team again this week so we get to go early. Later I’ll be going to dinner at my parent’s house for father’s day and my sister’s birthday. Both fall on the same day this year! It’s weird when they fall on the same day, but in a way it’s good because we get to celebrate them at exactly the same time, instead of having to do 2 separate things which is annoying.

Friday, June 15, 2012

Answering a question.

How often do you clean out your wallet or purse? Are there lots of receipts and other bits and pieces that could do with throwing out? Probably once or twice a year, so a lot of receipts just accumulate in there without needing to be there. Sometimes other stuff gets in there, I know I had a Christmas card in there once, (but I don’t anymore obviously.) Now that I switched back to the hip pack, because my fanny pack was too small for my phone, I can put lots and lots of stuff in there!
Via That’s My Answer

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bleh... where do I start? Otherwise known as after 18 months, it's over.

I suppose I should start at the beginning. This morning, after putting it off for 2 weeks, I undertook the mission of reading the full British supreme court judgement in the Wikileaks founder’s case, (which can be downloaded here,) This thing was big , (117 pages!) It took me 2 and a half hours to read it, straight through! I literally started and didn’t stop until it stopped when it was over. After that, I got ready to eat lunch, so that I could start to get ready to go clothes shopping. I had about an hour and a half until I had to leave. While I was waiting for lunch to get done, I started to read tweets. That was probably a mistake, because I didn’t end up eating until about 45 minutes later, even though lunch was done a few minutes after I started. I knew that the decision on whether they were going to reopen the case was dew yesterday, but it came today. The court has decided not to reopen the case, ruling that the application didn’t address the point that was supposed to be addressed, so it had no merit. I also read the resubmition, and thought that they could have definitely addressed the VCLT, (Vienna Convention for the law of treaties,) a lot more than they did. This means Assange should be extradited to Sweden within 10 days, as dictated in the extradition framework decision, (which I just read this morning,) but they decided to extend it to 14 days.
Here are some links.

A note about that last link uh… it comes from Sweden therefore, it’s in Swedish. I linked to the URL in Google translate, but sometimes Google translate is weird and it takes a while to get it to work.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I've decided not to move this blog to Google apps.

Well, for now anyway. That would mean that I’d end up using both my apps accounts in both browsers, but what about my personal email account? I’d have to change my email address, which I just did a couple weeks ago. It wouldn’t be a good idea for me to do that right now. What I can do, however, is change the email address I get notified for comments. I have a long list of tweaks that I’ll be doing in the next 6 weeks anyway, so if I really don’t want to use my personal email address for this blog, I should add changing it to the list. Tomorrow my friend and I get to go clothes shopping, and clothes shopping usually takes forever. The problem is, we have to go clothes shopping while the lady she takes places is getting her nails done, so we only have an hour and a half, which will not be enough time!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I put the linkblog on my Google apps account today.

I decided to switch the linkblog to the Google aps account I have set up for today. So basically, I just put it on that email address, instead of my personal gmail address. I think I’ll actually end up doing it for this one too, I have a google apps account for You can actually set your Google apps account up as an author on the blog, then give that author admin rights, then remove the old one, and that author owns the blog. We didn’t have any prayer seekers at healing rooms tonight, we ended up praying for each other instead.

Monday, June 11, 2012

Didn't do much today.

today Apple started it’s yearly developer’s conference with the keynote, (as they always do.) I watched Twit Live’s live coverage. After the keynote was over, (it started at 10, and didn’t get over until 12!) I ate lunch, and Mark and I got on skype. After that I watched TNT, (Tech News Today,) and ended up falling asleep, I woke up a couple times, but I didn’t end up actually getting up until 8:30! I guess I needed the extra sleep or something, because I usually never do that! I watched the WWDC keynote for the iPhone updates, they’ve made Siri better, it will finally be able to launch apps, tweet and post to Facebook. The updates won’t be released until sometime this fall though, or at least that’s what they said.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Ideas and back-up plans are very good things!

I posted about an idea I have for a site on my Linkblog, (right here.) I’m starting to think about plans for the end of next month, (blogathon!) and the post I wrote has a bit to do with that. I’m actually having to make back-up plans, because I wanted to blog for a small local charity using FirstGiving to track my totals for me, but FirstGiving happens to be $500 for charities to sign up! I started to look at alternatives to FirstGiving, and didn’t really find anything that either doesn’t use Facebook exclusively, (that’s all I need is to have issues with Facebook if I were using it to fundraise, and I can’t depend on it to not break,) ) or it’s just about as complex to use as Facebook, or they don’t pass the donations directly to the charity, (they want you to take care of that.) So I’ve decided to repeat my 2009 eforts and blog for Samaritan’s Purse instead. This is a bit frustrating though because the local charity I wanted to blog for is semi-affiliated with our church, so everyone knows everything about it, (,) just for the link. Basically the post I wrote on my other blog is an idea for a bit of a different take on FirstGiving, (without the ridiculous $500 a year fee, of course!) I’m glad I figured out the FirstGiving fee thing last month, because I think if I were doing this next month I wouldn’t be very happy with myself right now, plus it gave me extra time to investigate alternatives, and ask the lady who runs the Dream Center a couple questions.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Various things.

I have a few different things to post about, so you know what that means… right? Time to break out the list for the first time since the switch back!

  1. I love the way Blogger handles ordered lists, which is the way everything’s supposed to work!

  2. I went to lunch with my friend Kim today.

  3. There’s been this really loud street party thingy going on all day, and it’s like right across the street from me! It’s now 9:05 pM here, and the thing is still going on, and it started at like 9 this morning!

  4. Kim and I will be going to church early tomorrow morning, as she’s on worship team!

  5. People who post to Facebook events more than 3 times a day need to realize that what they’re doing is sending me an email each time. I happen to consider these emails over solicitation, (otherwise known as Spam,) and that makes me less likely to attend your event.

  6. This is the exact reason I feel weird about using Facebook events for anything! I don’t want to say I’m going to this person’s event because I’m not interested, and I don’t know the person running it, but would I want the person to do the same thing for me? No way!

Friday, June 8, 2012

Posting to the wrong blog and domain forwarding... oh my!

I ended up posting here instead of to the linkblog today. I deleted the post when I realized it, but if there’s a strange item in the RSS feed, that’s where it’s coming from. Over the past 3-4 days, I’ve been working with my registrar to try and forward to, and to Apparently though, you can’t exactly forward subdomains! Keeping in mind that I did this with from 2009 to 2011 before I canceled my server! I did this using something called a 301 redirect though, which is different from forwarding, (forwarding just passes it on to the next address,) a redirect still passes it on, but works a bit differently, it lets you land on the original page first. So yes you can redirect subdomains, but not forward to them. What the person from my registrar told me to do is what I did before I left blogger the first time, use www. But but but… I’ve already had to fix my RSS feeds at least 10-12 times now, (with all the back-and-forth,) and I don’t want to fix it again! So no forwards for you, unless I use space on a server to redirect everything.

Thursday, June 7, 2012


I’ve had a headache all day today. I didn’t do a whole lot today because of it. It’s only 8:30 here, but I’m already ready to go to bed! So after I hit publish, I think that’s what I’m going to do. I’ll worry about making tomorrow’s list of things to do… well tomorrow instead of tonight.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012


I didn’t really do much today. I did however switch my RSS a couple days ago, as it was acting up. the new feed is right here. I did set Blogger up to redirect to both here and my other blog, but I’m not sure if it’s working.

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Today and stuff.

I finally pointed back to blogger today! I actually did it right the first time, so I didn’t have to do it again. We prayed for 5 people at healing rooms tonight. 5 people usually isn’t a lot for the day one, but it is for the night one!

Monday, June 4, 2012

Trying to answer the question...

I saw a tweet this morning that I can’t stop thinking about, but I must first say that last week, the Wikileaks founder lost his extradition appeal to the British supreme court. I posted about this on Tumblr, as I was testing that at the time. Now, here’s the question:

My first thought was, I have absolutely no idea whatsoever! My second thought was pray, pray, and pray some more, no matter the state of your faith. My third thought, is to try and spend as much time with family/friends as you can, (as the bail/house arrest conditions dictate.) Yet none of those answers, except the second one, seem to come anywhere close to being satisfactory. Of course we aren’t 100% sure Assange will be extradited here to the US, but there have been several things released saying it could happen. Let me find a couple things on this and post them:

What I didn’t link to here, but I linked to in my Tumblr post, is that the lawyers were given 14 days to decide whether they want to ask the court to reopen the case, based on the fact that the judges made their decisions using a point that they didn’t get a chance to argue during the hearings. If the court decides not to reopen the case, (and even getting the chance to ask is really rare,) or they decide not to ask, he goes straight to Sweden. I should probably get to posting some links about the swedish system here, but that might take a bit more research.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Today and tomorrow.

I didn’t end up going to church today, but I did live stream the service. One of my friends had family in town, the other one just didn’t go. I called mom to ask if dad wanted to take me, and I told her to tell him to keep in mind that it was communion Sunday, (he seemed to not like that very much last time.) I ccalled back a couple hours later, and asked if she talked to my dad about taking me to church. She said she’d come get me and take me, but she didn’t seem all that happy about having to do it. I told her I could live stream the service, and she told me to just do that. Yesterday I called the lady who helps run healing rooms, to ask if I could switch to Tuesday nights. She told me that would probably be OK, but I just needed to ask the director and/or his wife. I called them, and the director said I could switch! So I won’t be going to healing rooms on Mondays anymore! Instead, I’ll be going grocery shopping tomorrow.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Switching back... again!

So I’ve decided after having issues with both Tumblr and Posterous,
that I’ll be coming back to Blogger. I’ll be bringing my linkblog over
with me, as I created a blog to test how that would work this morning,
and once I found what I needed it worked flawlessly! To be honest I’m
not quite sure how I’ll bridge the gap between Tumblr and Posterous,
but I’ll worry about that when it comes. I was having issues saving
customizations in Posterous’s HTML editor, and I was having issues
editing anything in Tumblr’s. One thing Posterous and Tumblr don’t
have that makes Blogger nice and easy to use are page elements, which,
(unlike posterous which doesn’t allow you to use Javascript,) will
pretty much take anything you throw at them! Posterous and Tumblr are
very good platforms, and Tumblr has a very diverse community, and
that’s what I like about it. It also makes it very, very easy to post
links, maybe some of that ease could be achieved with a bookmarklet
and the rich text editor, who knows? But in short, my name is Noelle,
and I’m an addicted site tweaker! I’ll try anything once before
deciding it doesn’t work and then giving it up for what I knew would
work best all along. How this will work is I’ll be pointing both of my
domains over to Blogger next week, (pray that I don’t mess anything up
while doing it!) Not only that, but I’ll be setting up domain
forwarding so that you won’t have to worry about subdomains. As for
blog 365, I’m still doing it, just not using the label, therefore I’m
not officially counting, it’s just a habit I’ve gotten into and I
don’t want to stop… lol!

Friday, June 1, 2012

Bridging the gap with Posterous.

I’ve now switched my domain to point to Posterous. I was having so
many accessibility issues with Tumblr’s HTML editor it wasn’t funny.
Not only that, but I don’t want to use a service that isn’t open to
fixing problems when they’re reported. I now have Posterous set up to
post to Tumblr, so that my followers will hopefully see the posts as I
post them. I’ve also set it up to post to Blogger, so that my Blogger
followers aren’t left in the lurch, (that is until GFC dies, as it’s
been rumored for a while.) As of now I won’t be making anymore design
changes to my Tumblr or Blogger blogs. If you want to see what I’m
doing with the blog, please go to If you
have a Posterous account and want to follow me there, then please do!
I’ll be moving my linkblog to posterous shortly, the old linkblog I
have over there still has 11 followers!