Monday, January 18, 2010


Finally! My iPod touch was just delivered to me! Mom just brought it over a little bit ago! I’m so excited! Now, to start learning how to use it. There are some really good demonstrations out there. After that, I have to fix my broken wi-fi network, so I can tweet from the iPod.

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Thursday 13 12

CES, (the consumer electronics show,) started this week. If you don’t know CES, it’s where lots of companies announce their new stuff. I get all excited about it every year for several reasons. First, I think being there would be one of the funnest things ever. 2nd is all the cool stuff, but sometimes some of it never gets shipped, so ya never know. Anyway, here are 13 ways to keep up with CES.

  1. the site for all the twit shows, they have a ces page here. and they also have an iTunes feed.

  2. they’re also using qik to stream from their phones, the posterous site is where they’re posting all that other stuff.

  3. cnET’s coverage of ces is all on that one page.

  4. cnET’s live streaming from ces.

  5. using twitter search with the hash tag #CES, you can get an almost realtime stream of tweets from people who are there, going there, or just want to be there, (like me, LOL!)

  6. alltop is a site that agrigates a bunch of feeds, (lots I’ve never heard of,) in a bunch of different catigories. This is the gadgets catigory, and since most of the sites are covering CES, that’s what you’ll get when you go there.

  7. the blog Engadget has a tag for their coverage.

  8. this is a twitter list that the blog gizmodo put together of their people who are at CES.

  9. is a twitter list curated by someone of some people who are there, of course I’m sure it’s by far not everyone, because there’s supposed to be like 100000 people in Vegas for CES.

  10. the NYT also has some coverage of CES.

  11. the blog gizmodo, (yep, the one that put together one of those twitter lists,) is also there.

  12. is the official site for the conference.

OK, so it’s only 12, close enough I guess.

Sunday, January 3, 2010


OK, I’m late with this one, like uber late! I found out about blippy last week, and I’m just posting
about it now! Blippy is a site kind of like twitter… for purchases!
So, if you can get into the super-private, (and very beta-ish), beta,
then you link your accounts, (some people even have their credit cards
linked.) Then, when you buy something, it will show up on blippy, and
your followers can comment on it and like it. I have my iTunes and
amazon accounts linked for now, (but I’m going to add my godaddy
account so people can see my domain renewal… which I better get to
doing before it expires!) I put my iTunes account on so when I get my
long-awaited Ipod touch, (the one that mom has to reorder because sis
typed the link in wrong,) I’ll be able to show the apps I get! I
don’t have my credit card linked, because the only card I have is a
check card, and that kind of scared me. I hope blippy adds more
sites, (I want to link my account, for instance.) I
love blippy! It’s been fun following everyone and seeing what they
buy, (I want that wi-fi tweeting scale too!)

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