Friday, July 31, 2009

Ziplining pictures!

My sister sent me some pictures of my family and I ziplining, last weekend, (on
Saturday, of all days!) I’ve since been told that they are rotated,
but I’m posting them here anyway. I’m using posterous as a gateway to
post to my own blog, since bloggers image upload thingy isn’t all that
accessible. These were taken by mom, (I think,) during our vvacation to Rino and California, in May.

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Thanks everyone!

Yeah, OK this post is late wait… what? Technically, I was supposed to do it yesterday! I hope I don’t forget anyone this time, I’ll double-check the list, just to be extra sure. First, I would like to thank the people who have sponsored me!

Thank you all!! (Wow, that was a lot of pledges, more than I’ve ever had before!)

I would also like to thank the following people, (who didn’t pledge, but who helped in other ways!)

  • My care provider, (Linda) who took me places the day before, (even though it nearly made her late to her other job.)

  • My twitter followers, for answering tech questions.

  • My (very patient!) team leader for putting up with my tech issues, and my desire to go top speed all the time, (and my perceived failure to do so, thus getting everything in a bit of a twist at times!)

  • My monitor, Pico, and everyone who left comments, (I may not have taken the time to respond, but I did read and publish them all!)

OK, now I’m going to spill it, I didn’t get any sleep the night before! (I really hope that doesn’t ever happen again!) Also, I wanted to install skype and set up IRC chat, but when it came down to it, I didn’t have time to install (and test) anymore software! Hopefully, I will have a new, (and better,) system next year! Less crashes = less restarts which means well… ultimately… staying online all the time! I had lots of fun! I got to read blogs that well… I normally might not have read, and I enjoyed reading them! It was actually a bit of an adrenalin rush, (which well… let’s face it, I’m a bit of an adrenalin junkie!) I also had fun posting, and trying to make lists, (I even have some ideas for a theme next year!) Barring any scheduling conflicts, which almost have happened 2 years in a row, (seriously, people! let’s stop with those, OK? cause they’re annoying!) I will definitely be back next year! Wow, this post is uber long, and this laptop is uber hot right now! Thanks again, everyone!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

We have landed!

We’ve come to the end of blogathon 2009! I’ll post an extensive, long post in a couple days, but for now, I would like to thank everyone who pledged, helped me with the meriad of technical issues I had, as well as in many other ways, and everyone who left comments! I did publish all of them! Overall, I had lots of fun, it took a while for me to get into the swing of things, but once I did it was a lot of fun! OK, so it’s now 6:00, and it’s time to click publish. More in a couple days!

One last quiz!

You Are a Snow Cone

You are lighthearted, playful, and optimistic about the world.

You’re always having fun, and you’re not the type to turn down anything sweet.

People might be surprised to know that you’re very sensitive.

Even though you put on a brave face, your feelings are easily wounded.

Another quiz

You Are a Snow Cone

You are lighthearted, playful, and optimistic about the world.

You’re always having fun, and you’re not the type to turn down anything sweet.

People might be surprised to know that you’re very sensitive.

Even though you put on a brave face, your feelings are easily wounded.

It's time to break out the quizzes!

You Are Bitter

You aren’t bitter at the world, even though you have a strong personality.

Instead, you are sophisticated and cultured. You appreciate acquired tastes.

You are very powerful. You have the ability to change a room’s energy.

While some may find you disagreeable, your points of view are intelligent and interesting.

Getting to the end

But we’re not there yet, (although I’m starting final check-ins.) Almost! A couple hours to go.

2 and a half hours!

Yeah, I almost skipped this one, too! But I didn’t, only 2 aand a half hours left!

The "almost forgot to post!" post.

Yep, I did almost forget to post I’m still checking in with people, (as I have been all day,) and this time I almost forgot to post! LOL!

Why my favorite number is 43

It use to be 44, until 43 things came along! All of a sudden people wanted to do 43 of everything, so it just became my favorite number!

Favorite words

Here are some of mine

  • woohoo!

  • Whoah

  • bailywick, just because it’s a wierd word

the I'm still here post

Yeah, I had a whole list of things to post, but ya know, when you go through that list and don’t think any are worth posting at 1:21 AM. Well then, ya get this kind of post! LOL

What's in my bag

Nothing usually, a checkbook, a wallet and a whole bunch of receits. I carry a bag that’s like a purse, but it isn’t, it’s a hip pack thingy. I don’t have it close to me right now, so I really couldn’t tell you what was in there, if I wanted to!

an appropriate question!

LOL, here’s the question:
How many hours of sleep do you get a night? How many would you like to get? Well tonight none, (obviously!) But it’s usually around 7-8

My laptop

Some basic specs about my laptop, (because I’m way too lazy to find the other ones! it has a 17 inch screen, with an Intel Dual core processor, and 250 GB hard drive. It does have a built-in webcam and microphone.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

My air conditioner

I have one of those AC units that’s a free-stander, (not a window one,) it’s also portable, (and requires a drainage bucket, which has to be dumped.) It’s big, and somewhat loud, (but I think I’ve gotten used to the sound of it, cause it really doesn’t seem that loud anymore.)

one of my favorite quotes

"just because you can’t see the stars, doesn’t mean you can’t reach for them, (author unknown to me.)

things on my desk right now

  • can of pepsi

  • at least one water bottle

  • a bowl of cereal that I didn’t finish

  • My laptop

  • the mouse and screen for my broken desktop

Favorite desserts

OK another stolen idea, but not a stolen list

  • cake, (almost any kind!)

  • cookies

  • brownies

  • ice cream

I’m not sure if these count in the technical sense of the word, but there they are.

My favorite drinks

I’m not steeling the list, but I’m steeling the idea from another blog!

  • pepsi

  • tea

  • water

  • coffee

The gameshows I would like to be on list

Here’s a list of shows that I think it would be fun to be on:

  • Jeperty

  • Million dollar password, (or some varient of it.)

  • Surviver

  • The amazing race

My favorite ice cream flavors

Here’s a list of them:

  • Chocolate chip mint

  • Orange scherbet

  • Any kind of sorbet

  • Coffee

My care provider's story about Samaritan's Purse

Linda was doing Operation Christmas Child a couple years ago. She always puts a Christmas card, and a picture of her family with a return address in each box. About a month later, she got a letter thanking her for the gifts. It was from a boy from the phillipines. He wrote about his family, and set a picture. They wrote back and forth for about a year and a half.

Samaritan's Purse

The name “Samaritan’s Purse” appears to come from the good Samaritan story, from the bible, I’m going to post it below, (I know the story, but it would take forever for me to write it word-for-word.)

As Jesus was talking to His disciples, a certain lawyer stood up and asked, “Who is my neighbour?” And Jesus answered by telling them this story:

A certain man went down from Jerusalem to Jericho, and fell among thieves, who robbed him, stripped him of his clothes, and, wounding him, left him on the road half dead. By chance there came a priest that way, and, as a teacher of religion to men, he should have stopped to help the poor man. Instead of this, he pretended not to see, and passed by on the other side of the road. Then there came by a Levite, who also, as an official of the church, should have given help. But he merely came and looked on the injured man, and passed on the other side as the priest had done.

Afterwards there came by a Samaritan, and, when he caught sight of the wounded Jew, he went over to him and was very sorry for him. Now the Jews hated the Samaritans, and were their enemies, so that it would not have been surprising if he, also, had done as the priest and the Levite did. But, no! Though it was his enemy, he could not pass him by and leave him on the road, perhaps to die. He examined his wounds and bound them up; doing all that he could to soothe them. Then he lifted him carefully on his own beast, and brought him to the nearest inn, and took care of him through the night. The next day, when the Samaritan departed, he paid the man who kept the inn, and said to him, “Take care of this poor man until he is well, and whatever it may cost for his lodging and food, that I will pay thee when I come again.”

"Which of these three, thinkest thou, was neighbour unto him that fell among thieves?" The lawyer answered, "He that showed mercy unto him." Then said Jesus, "Go, and do thou likewise."


A quick little reminder

I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse click to pledge Now, Must! Eat! pizza!

A quick post, before I order my pizza

I’m going to go order my pizza as soon as I click publish, not sure when it will get here!

A question

You can only put four songs in your iPod, or MP3 player, what four songs will you choose?

  • Born to fly, Sarah evans, (I pretty much consider this my theme song.)

  • I believe I can fly

  • Reach, by Gloria estephon, (I’m probably not spelling her name right.)

  • Hmm, I can only think of 3 right off hand.

Speaking of cars...

If I could have a car, here’s a list of features:

  • A car that drives itself, (or one that comes with a driver.)

  • Built-in wireless internet

  • It would be a hybrid, (or just extra fuel efficient.)

  • It could turn into an airplane, (LOL, I love flying, what can I say?)

People often ask me what I would do if I could see

I only have 3 things, drive, (this one is probably obvious,) fly a plane, and take some pictures. Yep, those are the only 3 things.

A list of my favorite TV shows

  • Dateline NBC

  • 48 hours mysteries

  • 60 minutes

  • NCIS

  • Pretty much any reality show, (depends on what’s on in the season.)

The I'm having chocolate post!

Yep, I’m having chocolate. Yesterday me and my care provider, Linda went to the chocolate shop in our town, (I really didn’t know we had one until last month!) I got a couple things, (quite expensive, but good!)

Places I would like to go

Here are a list of places I would like to go

  • Washington D.C

  • Back to NYC

  • Florida again, (to watch a shuttle launch.)

  • Bakc to hawaii

  • Ittally

  • England I’m not sure which part, (maybe lundon?)

  • Canada

The places I've been

Not counting airports, here’s a list of the places I’ve been:

  • Maine

  • NYC

  • Hawaii

  • florida

  • San Fran Sisco only for a few hours, I want to go back.

Things I would like to do, that most people wouldnt

Don’t get me wrong, I wanna do some weird things, things that maybe people wouldn’t do. Here’s my list:

  • Try out one of those airline emergency slides

  • Serve jurry duty

  • Plan a wedding, (I’ve often said I wanted to be a wedding planner.)

The "favorite candy" list

Yeah, let’s face it, I love candy! Here are some of my favorites:

  • Reeses peanut butter cups

  • Reeses peaces

  • Chocolate covered gummy bears, (I know it’s a weird one.)

  • Air heads

  • Kit Kat

  • 100000 grand bars

  • Anything from sees candy!

The "I'm back from lunch" post

Actually I ate lunch fairly fast, but I needed to do a few other things, everything’s all done, cycling through check-ins, and catching up with email now.

The "lunch is done so I'm going to eat it" post!

Yeah, time for me to step away to have lunch. Be back in 30 Actually it will be sooner than that.


Just to remind people I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse click here to pledge I would like to thank the following people:

I sure hope I didn’t forget anyone! Thank you all!

Questions for answering

These are questions I’ve collected from around the web, (of course, you don’t have to answer any of them, it’s just for fun! I’ll anser mine too.

  • What foods are on your “will not eat” list?
  • Let’s see sushi, and squid, other than that I’m pretty open.
  • What would you wait all day in line for?
  • Hmm, to buy an airplane, or something really cool like that, otherwise, nothing!

OK that’s it for now. Must! publish!

Answer's to questions

OK will need to work a little on this one, so will be a bit late! Earlier, I posted some questions, and invited people to ask me anything. So, here’s the answers.

  • Jaynee asks So you only HEAR your dreams? I would have thought that even a blind person has an “inner eye” of some sort - meaning that you can still imagine what things look like, and thus incorporate those images into your dreams.
  • This one is hard to explain, I do have an inner eye for my thoughts, but I’ve never noticed me “seeing” while dreaming. I hear and feel everything, and I guess I just imagine things, but don’t know I’m doing it! I dreamed I got arrested once, I felt the police officer handcuf me, but I didn’t see what he looked like.
  • Lou asks What’s the most useful - or necessary - thing in a web page for someone using a screenreader?

Well, let me just start this one by saying that it’s a personal preference, and everyone navigates differently. But I would have to say the most useful and necissary thing is to label everything! Links, images, and flash! If I come across a link that I’m not sure what it is, I most likely won’t click on it. Tried my best to make this into a list, but it might not look that good.. Go ahead, keep it coming, (you can ask anything!) I’ll post a list of questions for anyone to answer in my next one!

the "adventures I want to try" list!

  • hang gliding

  • paragliding

  • scuba diving

  • surfing

  • Kite surfing

  • Flying an airplane

A few things I've done

Here are a few things I’ve done, that I’ve found fun!

  • Skydiving!

  • Bungee jumping!

  • ziplining!

Maybe I’ll post my “adventures to try” list next!

Sites I like

I’m going to post some of my links I like here:

Why I love lists!

I really like lists, because I like the concept of everything in a list form, all there right together, if you haven’t noticed, my posts have been all listy so far! I’m a list-maker!

Late post!

Here’s a late post! A list of my favorite foods!

  • Chocolate

  • pizza

  • cheese

  • Spicy stuff!

Some questions

Here are some questions I’m commonly asked as a blind person:

  • Do you dream? I do, but not in color, and I can’t see my dreams.

  • How do you watch TV? I listen, (but I use the word watch.)

  • How do you use a computer? With a screenreader, like I am right now! (It reads the screen out loud to me.)

Ask me anything, I’ll try to answer in the comments or in a post!

The windows I have open right now

Here’s a list of the windows I have open:

    live messenger
  • blogger

  • the blogathon frame

  • And this weird lbogger login page… that doesn’t appear to belong to one of the people I’m monitoring, but the browser takes me there every time lol!

I'm still here!

still trying to get everything set up!

We have liftoff!

Woohoo! SO far, I’ve managed to raise $120, (thanks to everyone who pledged!) A list of links to come later, will come in the next post, as I’m trying to do 5000000 things at once now, (LOL! I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse. You might not recognize the charity name, but they’re the ones who do Operation Christmas Child, (the program that sends boxes of toys to needy kids around the world.) They also do memergency world relief, and community development. Click here to sponsor me!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

The final countdown!

So, we’re in the final countdown! Less than 2 days to go until blogathon starts! So far, I’ve raised $30, (woohoo!) So, I would like to thank the following people, (who have all sponsored me!)

Finally, here’s my pledge link: sponsor me! I’m really looking forward to this. In addition to holding down the fort here at my blog, I’m going to be monitoring for the very first time! Oh yeah, I’m blogging for Samaritan’s Purse this year!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Leaving soon.

I’m leaving soon to go on a day trip with my family to go rafting. I haven’t gone in a while, so this should be fun! We’ll get back sometime this evening, but not sure when.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

this weekend

This weekend, my aunt is coming over, and we’re going rafting. I usually don’t like to do this, (because I usually don’t get to row,) but this time I’m going. I need to not forget to where my SPF like I did the last day of our vacation, LOL!

Saturday, July 11, 2009

I have pictures...

I now have some pictures of the 4th of July party that I went to, at
my friend’s house. It’s a long story, but yes, there’s a reason I’m
posting these at 1:00 A.M. It has to do with not knowing how to post
at first, (blogger’s image feature isn’t all that accessible.) Then
being in bed, and having one of those thoughts that keep you awake,
unless you act on them. I’m posting 2 pictures, one is of me, (and a
group of people,) at a table playing scrabble. The other is a picture
of fireworks that my friend Kim took, before her camera battery
decided to bite the dust!

See and download the full gallery on posterous

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Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I woke up this morning to see everyone tweeting about this, so I had to see what everyone was tweeting about! LOL, this is funny!

Sunday, July 5, 2009

My 4th of July celibrations.

Yesterday, I went to one of my friend’s houses for a 4th of July party. It was a lot of fun! I got to throw horseshoes, (no I didn’t make them hit the stick,) but it was still fun to throw them. We made Kabobs, ate, then went to the fireworks. They started at 10:00 last night. It was cool, they went on for like an hour. I got home at around 11:30. I actually didn’t make it to bed until around 1:00 though, because they were still shooting off fireworks, and it was really hot in my bedroom. So I came into the living room, turned on the AC, and surfed the web for a while.

Friday, July 3, 2009


Here I go wasting time again, LOL! I liked this quiz.

Your Gift is Imagination

You are constantly dreaming. You are always thinking about what could be.

You love to express yourself in many ways. You have a way with words and tell vivid stories.

You love to be amused. You are good entertaining yourself, and other people find you hilarious.

You’re the type of person who finds staying happy easy. There’s always fun to be had!

Almost a test run.

This has happened a lot lately. I hit the bed, and it seems like I’m not tired anymore LOL! So, last night, I actually got up and surfed the web for a while. I thought that if I was really going to have a test run, it should really be a test run, as in with me staying up and not in bed. I surfed for a while, then got tired, so I went back to sleep, LOL. I guess if you try and force sleep by staying up, it actually does work. Oh yeah, and I almost lost my laptop yesterday, (yikes!) I was at training, all of a sudden, everything crashed, (as in crashed so hard, that it had to be rebooted.) On reboot, it decided to do a check disk. I was kind of scared, because my desktop isn’t working, so this is the only system I have right now, and I don’t see myself getting one for a while. Oh yeah, I did add the live traffic feed last night, but I don’t really like that it takes up a lot of space, (there’s links and even a frame on my page now.) So I might delete it later, (I probably will end up deleting it, and setting up google analytics.)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Blogathon 2009

First of all, I’m dating this post to the future, so it will stay on top, scroll down to read other posts. I signed up to do blogathon 2009 So, I’ll be staying up for 24 hours, on July 25th, to blog every half hour for Samaritan’s Purse. Samaritan’s Purse is primarily known for Operation Christmas Child, but they also do emergency relief, andcommunity development. I’ve done Operation Christmas Child (through my church,) for the past couple years. So I thought I might try and help them out a little more, by blogging for them, (and having lots of fun in the process!) In the past, I’ve blogged without a theme, and ended up with a lack of inspiration at 3:30 A.m. this year however, I’m going to try to write mostly everything in list form, (this should make things even more fun!) I love to make lists, so I thought that this would be a good fit. I might even let people ask me questions, I would then try my best to answer them in list form. Oh yeah, I’m not done pitching yet, (otherwise known as, here comes the part I’m not all that good at.) If you think what I’m doing is a worthy cause, and you would like to sponsor me Click this link Maybe you don’t wanna sponsor me, (pretty please?) here’s the list of other blogs, (just in case.)