Monday, October 17, 2016

Simple Blogging: day 16.

Todays's topic is a bit out of the realm of blogging, but it's still somewhat related.
Consider starting a podcast or doing live video.
As someone who tried live streaming for a while last year, and who launched a podcast last summer, (which is onl hold until I find better hosting, somehow cheaply,) I really enjoyed both things. However, they both take time, so you should consider setting a schedule that's right for you. When I did my live streams, I didn't necessarily have a topic. However, when I did my podcast I always tried to either demonstrate something, or talk about something in the news. My streams were usually a half hour to an hour, but my podcast were about 10-15 minutes twice a week, (a bit longer for the demonstrations.) I was using Meerkat to stream, but eventually that stopped working for me, so I wasn't able to continue doing it.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Simple Blogging: day 15

Ok, so something short and fun, because I'm in charge of getting myself to church in the morning, laptop in hand, so I can demonstrate for the Sunday school kids tomorrow!
Make lots of lists!
Lol OK, I'm not talking about list posts this time, (unless you want to post these ones.) I have a list of things to write about, (if I absolutely can't think of anything.) I also have a list of services I'd like to get around to using someday. I keep my big list of RSS feeds in a text file, because if I'm trying different readers, I don't usually want my folder structure preserved. You could even keep track of your posting schedule this way, (although I've never found the need to do this.) Listing things is just a fun way of remembering a whole bunch of them at once. Since I can't really use paper, I just open a text file and start typing. On a completely unrelated note, I think I'll finally be able to get caught up tomorrow! Not sure if I'll actually stay that way though.

Simple Blogging: day 13.

OK so since I'm kind of in a hurry to get things caught up , I need to get right to the topic!
Use tags, but not too many.
Or catigories, or as Blogger calls them, "labels." I have this problem with my linkblog in particular, I think I have like 500 of those things floating around. 500? How'd I get so many! I probably really only need about 100 at the most. I really need to get rid of a lot of them, and yeah I definitely should've made more of an effort to do this before the Blot migration! I do have some tags still here from when I didn't have a linkblog and so I was doing what I called "weekly links." The thing is, you probably only need about 2-4 tags in each post, (maybe 5 at the most.) This is not only for archival purposes, but for search as well. When you're going back to look for a post, if you know it's tagged under one thing you can search for it. However, if you have 800 posts under that you may not want to look through them all, so you might want to try searching for a tag with fewer posts in it. It's also for reference purposes, here are all my posts tagged "31days."

Things have happened here the past week.

I got sick last weekend. Melissa was sick, (she still is,) and I just happened to get a cold, (which isn't what she had.) I had my home care assessment on the 6th. I really hate having these things! While my caseworker was here she said I was over the $2000 limit according to the state resource policy. Last year, I was told that policy didn't affect me, because well... I'm on DAC. I asked her to send the policy when she left here, and she sent it the next day. I wasn't sure what program I was under so I had to look that up. It didn't mention DAC anywhere and only mentioned SSI so that didn't make any sense to me, (DAC is the benefit I qualified for after my dad started collecting retirement, and it's what allowed me to receive the increase.) My caseworker contacted another caseworker who was working with me last year, and she said she could subtract myincome from my resources, (which makes no sense because I didn't see that anywhere, but I guess it's policy for their office... um OK...) Basically I've had to dig around in this state policy network of documents, (and it's a huge network one document has like 30 links to other documents!) and deal with this while sick. I did get my computer today, (woohoo!) This has been a very interesting day though! OK, so first the cable I had for my monitor wouldn't fit in the place for it in my tower so I needed to go get an adaptor for it. Lol yay Since Melissa and I weren't sure which cable I needed, and her husband knows all about those things, she sent him pictures. That was one unexpected trip to the store, and $40 later. Now I need to solve fading sound, and curious incidents of latenight overrotating, which I'm attributing to the torture chamber. Oh yeah, and disappearing backblaze, which is strange because I did install it! All that and uninstalling MCAfee which I unfortunately subscribed myself to on accident when Melissa did the warranty registration thingy. Besides that, everythings going fine. I'm trying to remind myself that right now, we're in the "it's all foreign" state.

Friday, October 14, 2016

Simple Blogging: day 12.

Yeah, I promise I'll get semi-caught up with this thing in the next 2-3 days. I've been sick over the past week, and the last thing you want to do when you're sick is write posts! I'm going to write this one, then another one about the events over the past couple days, (because things have happened here,) and I should be able to write days 13 and 14 tomorrow. OK so let's get to the topic.
Consider starting a second blog.
For me, that's my badly neglected linkblog, (I'm going to try to fix that when I'm not busy with a whole bunch of other things!) For you, it could be a photoblog, or whatever else you feel like you're going to update on a semi-regular basis. I usually update my linkblog more than this here blog, when I'm not participating in challenges, that is. I update the linkblog 2-3 times a day, (excluding Sundays,) and I usually try to blog here 3-4 times a week. I really enjoy keeping the linkblog, because it allows me to take time to gather links. In other words, it lets me look at things I probably wouldn't normally look at just to see if I think it's in the least bit interesting. Of course if the article I'm reading is extremely long, I may or may not post it. I also get to use Reddit, Siftlinks, and of course Twitter extensively to gather the links. I place them in a SaveForLater folder and decide which ones to post as I go. In the end, I think a linkblog is a good way to keep up on things, but I think having more than one blog is fun. Of course I wouldn't recommend starting 5 at the same time, (lol!)

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Simple Blogging: day 11.

I'm actually going to cheat and talk about 2 topics in one post this time, because they both go together. I might do this one other time in the series, (maybe I'll even do it again tomorrow!)
Don't use slideshows for list posts.
I don't know anyone who doesn't hate those things! Not only that, but the reason people do that is parasitic, because it artificially inflates the number of page views and/or clicks they're getting. Every time you have to advance to the next slide, that's another click, which constitutes another page view. For them, it looks like they're getting lots and lots of page hits when in reality, they aren't. It's also an accessibility issue, if you put slides inside of a post with no description, it becomes a problem. Not only that, but if I have to keep clicking "next" I'm likely not going to read the post. That gets to my second topic, pagination. Pagination also inflates view count, because it causes someone to click "next" every few minutes. This is just flat out annoying! Often times, if I'm posting a link, and the article is one of those really long articles that has like 5-7 pages, I'll only read the first couple, and I'll probably only summarize the first one. I'm sure it makes the hit counter look nice, but slide shows and pagination annoy readers to no end!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Simple Blogging: Day 10.

OK, I'm going to get right to the topic:
Keep the dates in your blog posts.
Some people say take the dates out, but I think you should keep them in! First of all, if I'm going to link to your post, and it isn't a "how to" post or something evergreen like that, I always look at the date to see if it's more than 10 days old. If it is, I won't post a link to it, (especially if it's a news article.) Not only that, but it just looks weird to me to see posts without them. Maybe I'm old-fashion or something, but I think blog posts need to have dates in them so you can tell if the person is updating on a regular basis or not! I suppose I'm weird about dates like that. Anyway, that's just my opinion, I think you should leave them in.