Sunday, September 25, 2016

I spent $1314.98 yesterday!

Yes, yes I did! That was $75 more than my big check, but I paid the difference. What happened was HP discontinued the system I was originally going to order. I had a chat with a customer representative who refered me to this one, which is fairly similar. Unfortunately the warrantly was $209, so that was part of the $75! I also did some tweaking, but we don't need to say anything about that whole thing... Lol and that's why it won't be shipped until 10/14!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

ThursdayLister: events of the past few days.

This will probably be a fairly short list, because I'm in a hurry!
  1. I got my big check on Monday! It was promptly deposited in the bank.
  2. I also got my external hard drive that day. When Melissa was cooking, the smoke detector went off, (because it's extremely sensative, not because she was burning anything!) and the UPS guy came to the door at the exact same time!
  3. I had an inspection on Tuesday. This was an extremely short one. She basically tested the smoke alarm, and checked a few lights. That was it!
  4. I attended Melissa's wedding reception last night. I wasn't able to go to the ceremony, but the reception was a lot of fun, and I even had some video recorded and pictures taken, (which I can't post until I get their permission, and they're on their honeymoon right now!)
  5. I was able to do some file transfers today. I did about half of them. I have 23 GB of music so it took a long time to copy to the external drive. I'll probably do the rest tomorrow.

Saturday, September 17, 2016

Thoughts on Snowden.

Melissa and I went to see Snowden yesterday! OK OK, so it's almost midnight at the time of writing, so technically Friday. Overall, I thought the movie was good. It's not a documentary, (if you're expecting that, go watch Citizenfour instead.) Although I think everyone should either watch Citizenfour either beforehand or afterwards to figure out what was missing, (and yeah, there were obvious omissions! There was definitely a lot of flashing back-and-forth, which toward the end started to become excessive. It wasn't hard for me to keep track of, because I've followed everything very thoroughly for the past 3 years. However, if you're like me and you're blind, and you just heard about what was happening at the time from the news, you'd definitely find this not easy to keep up with. Let's get to the obvious and glaring omissions. I've been reading and listening to things ahead of time, to try and get a sense of what was going to happen, (I did this with Citizenfour.) Yeah, it does kind of give away things, but it also helps so that I don't have to be whispering back-and-forth in the theater, (although I was doing that a lot,) and someone doesn't have to be constantly trying to whisper in my ear. Oliver Stone did say he left about 50% of his research on the cutting room floor, and there were parts that you could definitely tell were omitted, (again, if you were aware of the timeline and things that happened back in 2013.) The infamous July 12th, 2013 airport meeting, or as I call it, the airport scene, was completely left out! That was when it was first reported, (and widely believed,) that Snowden was using Lavabit. Of course we know that this was finally officially confirmed earlier this year, after 3 years of gag orders. Speaking of Lavabit, it was never mention in the movie. This made things interesting because the timelines as they play out starting in June 2013 intersect pretty well, so as I was sitting in the theater, with scenes of that time surrounding me, I couldn't help remembering everything that hhappened from the past 3 years, and I mean literally everything came up at one point. This made for an interesting theater experience, when at the time when that particular airport instance was suppose to happen and didn't, I wanted to scream, "nooooo! how could they leave that one out?" Lol I forgot I was sitting in the theater for a second, with people around me who would consider that extremely rude and disrespectful! I thought Joseph Gordon-Levit, the actor who played Snowden, did an extremely good job! I don't think there was any mistakes when it comes to him playing the part, in fact, I told Melissa "that was perfect!" after the first scene was over. I thought that MS. Woodly, (lol, I'm not going to attempt to spell her first name,) also did a good job at playing Lindsay, and I found myself wondering, "is this what Lindsay actually said? We never got to hear from her in CitizenFour, so there isn't any comparison to make from the past. It was interesting to see Laura Poitras played by an actress, and behind-the-scenes. I don't want to give away too much of CitizenFour, (and it's been over a year since I've seen it,) but I mostly remember the narration that she does, and can't remember any behind-the-scenes things. If Melissa really wants to, we'll probably watch CitizenFour sometime in the next 2-3 weeks, (either on Monday, or after she gets back from her honeymoon, (she's getting married next Wednesday!) Otherwise I'll probably watch it again soon. I'd definitely recommend you go see Snowden, that's if you've been following things to some extent, (not just heard about it on TV, etc.)

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Paid in full.

Yesterday, I found out my HP transaction is going to be paid in full. That means I won't have to wait until next month to start over. I was swarn to secrecy, so I can't say who's giving me the chance at a "wait wait," moment, but let's just say that I still can't believe it! I should be able to do the transaction again sometime next week. Tomorrow, Melissa and I are going to Staples, so I can get the external hard drive I need. Oh and probably the blank disks too, because we won't be going to WalMart before then, and I'll need gblank disks.

Friday, September 9, 2016

Wait wait, let's just start it over.

Lol,that's what I said in my dream last night. It involved black and white coffee that was taking forever to get done, and then someone else putting grounds in it instead of just pouring it out and starting over. Then I started thinking about the whole HP transaction thing, because PayPal did reverse the pending charge. Lol, maybe I'm just supposed to start the whole thing over. Not right now though, next month. I still have to go grocery shopping one more time this month, and I need to take a trip to staples to get a new external hard drive sometime before I get the new system.

Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Major problems with HP.

I called HP today to figure out why I never got a confirmation email for the computer I ordered last Friday. I talked to a floor representative from the shopping customer service team, and a lady who said she was a supervisor. Both of them said they had absolutely no record of an order placed on September 2nd, 2016, in the amount of $1238 through PayPal. They also asked me if I hit "confirm" on the order after it was placed at PayPal, and I said yes, because I remember being taken to the receipt page that you see after you place an order. The fact that I never received a confirmation from HP was strange though, as they said I'd be getting one. I did get a PayPal receipt. The supervisor advised me to file a dispute with PayPal. I asked if she'd send me an email that stated something to the effect of "we've checked, and cannot find any sort of record of this purchase," so as to provide evidence for the dispute case. She said she would, but never did. I did get a survey from HP however, that I took when I came back from WalMart, so I know it isn't a problem with my email. After receiving advice from people on Facebook, and reading the documentation on payPal's site, I decided to call them. I could tell the agent was overseas, but I was able to understand him, and unlike the first HP floor rep, he didn't have a hard time hearing me. He asked me if I wanted to continue with the order, and I said yes. He was able to send an email to the HP PayPal accounts manager, and ask them to process the order. Apparently, some of the floor representatives don't have access to orders paid through PayPal, but the financial officers and accounts manager do. He said that I should be getting a confirmation from HP within 24-48 hours

Monday, September 5, 2016

List updates for 9/5/2016.

Short ones this time. No new goals in progress, but a couple more for the completed column!
  • Do a 30 days of excersise challenge. Completed 8/31/2016.
  • Replace my desktop. Completed 9/2/2016. I'm calling this one complete because I've done my part, and I'm now waiting on HP.